Monopoly should be illegal

It is not necessarily mentioned as a crime in the books of law of each country, but it is unethical.

Monopoly is when a single person or a clique take over a whole theoretical or real subject, for the purpose of dominating the rest.

Example: To claim the whole field of medicine for yourself or for chosen few, and to legally prosecute others who claim they can heal with their own medicine, is a form monopoly. It doesn’t matter how many those chosen few are. It is  legal based on the assumption that those chosen few always act for the greatest good, and that they don’t allow others who might be crooks to sell fake or harmful medicine. Their bank accounts however, say otherwise. Medicine is one of the most profitable sort of business. Moreover, another who might able to heal a physical ailment cheaply (with some mix of common herbs, or something) might not be accepted or allowed to do so, by that clique. So then the rest wont get to know about it, either.

People don’t trust a single person or some few persons to run the state for over four years, and so we have elections once in while. But oddly, they trust a coalition of corporations to determine what should be medicine and what not. And as time passes, more and more people get diagnosed with mental illnesses, which are most commonly never fully treated.

Example: Who, how and why owns land? In older times in Europe, a King was supposed to be a King by decision of God, and so was his first born son, and grandson’s first born son and so on. And they owned the country, and had some vassal Lords and put them to rule -in turn- chunks of the country, as they couldn’t do it all by themselves. Now, supposedly nobody owns the land, except from those who can buy it. But buy it from whom? From the state. Who is the state? Supposedly, in democracy, the people are the state. So, where is my share of land, as well as my share of the money that have been made by selling land, where I live?

How can a bunch of guys buy land, buy water springs, forests etc -or even have them granted to them for free by ‘the people’ (the state)- with the excuse of ‘offering work’? It’s as if somebody took your house, so you will clean his shoes and give food as exchange. No, thank you. I will get my own food. Unless you’ve taken over the forest too, so I can neither hunt nor grow things to eat. That’s what happens, no? That’s monopoly.

What, did anybody think ‘communism’? Learn what communism, democracy, socialism etc are about first, before you accuse anyone who stands against corporate domination, and individual freedom, to be a communist. If communism was about freedom, I would be one, but I am not.

Example: God. How can anybody claim the copyrights over what is omnipotent, omnipresent and creator of all? Fortunately, it is no longer backed by law to do so in most countries, but in some others it is. You either abide to words written and spoken by certain people, or you suffer.

Example: Education. Enforced education is not education at all. It is a punishment suitable for criminals. And theories that claim that all are potential criminals back up compulsory education. Moreover, what is taught to children and adults is -for the most part- not decided by themselves. Often they don’t even learn so as to learn. They memorize so they can pass, and then they sooner or later forget. Sure, if you want doctors that will always agree to have medicine controlled by some cliques, that’s the way to go about it.

Example: Trade and employment. I keep hearing ‘free market this’ and ‘free market that’ but I don’t see it. I see some (again) playing the game, and the rest following. Why? If the market was free anyone could make and sell something. If you need money before you can work, a bunch of diplomas and licenses from ‘the people’ (the state) not all can make it. So, what happens is that few play in the game of trading, and the rest are being played. To work so as to accomplish something, is work. To work so as to barely survive, is slavery. Call it what you will. Dress it up nicely. But that’s what it is. Not everyone is interested to work for some insurance company, but some might have to. And I don’t call that work. Nor is it fair because ‘those who succeed have more initiative’. Since when is ‘budget’ ‘initiative’? Or should everybody borrow (if they can) so we will all owe money to very specific people?

No my friends, if there weren’t people without ‘initiative’ mr Ford and his likes, couldn’t have any operational factories, for nobody would work for them.

Just like to take over something owned by another is seen as a crime, to take over everything before others can have it, should be seen as a crime, as well –actually, a large scale crime.  And ironically, while one corporation buys the other, while it becomes harder and harder for small business to be created -leave alone to compete against larger chains- while salaries become low and flat, the dream of the big hive, Sovietism, that capitalists so much dislike, comes closer and closer, by the hand of capitalism itself.

I personally don’t need any pseudo-messiah to save me by taking over all the land, so I can work in his farms, nor do I want to be helped by the state. I want my financial independence, that nobody is morally entitled to take from me. And I want my income to be based on my own work, and not on my ‘initiative’. And some people’s apathetic parroting of ‘that’s how it’s always been’ doesn’t make me want this less.

Have a good night.


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