What to figure out

I started writting about a specific topic, and then I kept adding more and more that it eventually included various topics. I hope it’s hasn’t become too confusing.

I pointed out in a previous post that to use the past is an unreliable method to know.

If you’ve had 10.000 nice experiences with a person and one day you also got 1 bad experience, you would want to figure that one out, as the worst experiences, are the least understood ones. In trying to figure it out, you would hold it in suspension, in present time. And in doing so, you would most probably feel bad about that person, and it would be as if those 10.000 nice experiences hadn’t existed at all. That’d be unfair. And such things can routinely lead to false assumptions, conclusions -such as that the person is bad and that the previous good experiences were untrue- and decisions for the future to come, like to be unfriendly towards that person, from that point on.

Similarly, one might get the idea that he is a ‘failure’ if he fails to achieve something, while ignoring all the things he has achieved. Of course, not everybody thinks like that, and not all the time. Those are just examples.

If you look back in the past, you might not readily see what’s actually happened, but what you mostly disagree with, instead –that is to say, what is mostly untrue for you.

This is actually funny, and you should better laugh about it, if you want to get one step closer to truth, or further away from BS –don’t always -if ever- try to figure people out, what they mean, why they did what they did etc. Don’t assume they always know, themselves. Often there is nothing to figure out. If you queried somebody after he had done something very unreasonable, why he had done it, he could explain and make it seem reasonable, and even believe so, himself. One can do that. And often you can understand people better without getting into their frame of logic.

Better don’t take life too seriously, if you want to live easily. Just keep in mind tha to ‘not care’ and to ‘not take life seriously’ are not the same. Caring is not a malady and it doesn’t equal to problems. You can care much, without being influenced by what each person thinks and does, without getting into their ‘trips’, without getting pulled down. You can love without needing the rest to do the same. And so you can be free, and you can even pull them up, instead of getting dragged down. And you can make what you wish to make, with those you wish to make it.



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