Communicating the nothing

I was reading a post in the forum of a guru before, wherein a poor guy was complaining he couldn’t understand what the guru was trying to say. And then below there were people trying to help him out by using many many different words and sentences, taken out of the gurus speeches. And the guy was getting more and more confused…

And other times I see people attempting to worship him, while he tells them that we are all equal, and that what he is, they are too, and that they don’t need to become it, either.

There is nothing wrong with them. And there is nothing right about him, either. Nor does he assert otherwise.

That guru in specific tries to relay something very simple. He tries to make understood a problem-less condition, a condition of not being the body, and being infinity. A condition that is, not a condition that becomes.

The problem is there is no problem, that way. So it can get hard to be grasped by using words, that we use in our problem-solving, in life.

I cannot describe myself. I am that which would imagine the description, before it gets spoken by this body. But I can describe what I am not. I am not this body. And there is nothing wrong about it. I can fully experience through it, as it. But I can also experience more. Everybody can, and actually do.

Who or what makes and perceives your imaginations? That’s a good question to ask in order to ‘locate’ yourself (that cannot be located). Does it have to be somewhere or in some time? Does it have to have a form, a name, an identity? Well, you know better.

I wouldn’t ask anybody to ‘ascend’ from a condition of being ‘wrong’ to a condition of being ‘right’. I am not right. Nor could I ‘enlighten’ the ‘light’. What I talk about is to not look at a cat, and think the basic you is the cat.


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