A big mistake of mine

It is something that I have been doing to myself, to others, that I have seen others doing to themselves as well as to others, including me. I have seen school and spiritual teachers doing it to students, doctors doing it to patients and so on. I don’t like to watch the right ones teaching the wrong ones. I don’t like anyone to be looked upon as right, nor for the rest to be seen as wrong. And in some cases I have done it in my blog and elsewhere. And probably an apology would be in place for some cases, that I might have done that too.

It’s to consider and convince that one’s viewpoint, thinking, condition, anything regarding a person, could be wrong. I don’t think so. For you see, anything a person wishes to experience, couldn’t be wrong, for it all stems from something that couldn’t be wrong. This isn’t a future state, a future goal. It is now.

You assign irresponsibility to somebody telling him that what he experiences stems from something subconscious, or some other ‘fault’ related to him. Even if that’s the case, where does that subconscious and ‘fault’ stem from?

It can be a major mess-up for one to consider himself wrong, and so untrue.

Only in case that somebody wished to change something about himself, about his mentality, and thought that he couldn’t change it without help, help could be of actual use, and still with respect to the person’s will, and for the purpose of one becoming aware of his own self and will, and not your own.  And eventually, if helped, he would know that help, or any dependency is not needed, at all.

And actually, basically, it isn’t. For what you try to ‘help’ is the creation, not the creator.

I don’t belittle the creator like that. And I don’t want to communicate for the purpose of helping, but for the purpose of communicating.

Also, if you follow this through all the way, you will logically come to the conclusion that this mistake of mine as well as of others, is not a mistake (wrong) either. 🙂


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