Honesty #2

Honesty is much more than a way to not be called wrong and/or immoral. It is not only related to our relations with others. It is also related to our relations to ourselves.

You can have darkness pile up into becoming huge problems, that otherwise wouldn’t exist, just by hiding or lying about something. It doesn’t have to be something bad, but hiding it can make feel so.

If you wish to communicate something and block it, you make a problem, and that’s what a problem is. It is + and -, yes and no.

If you freely communicated, released, let on of anything you were withholding in present, you would experience great relief, and things that might trouble you, would leave you, as well. Otherwise you might be troubled by the reasons why you couldn’t/wouldn’t be willing to communicate, instead. And that could be harsh. And those ‘reasons’ normally block communication and bring up hostilities out of nothing, between relations. If you -for example-cheated on (or even intended to) somebody and kept it a secret, your open connection to that somebody would deteriorate. It might even end it.

A finished communication is a finished cycle, and all problems related to that, finish as well. But it must be completely honest. In the case of one cheating on another, the honest communication the he/she no longer feels good about the relationship or the other person, just wouldn’t be enough. And the subsequent honest communication of problems that would pile up, as result of that, wouldn’t be enough either.

It is a path to greater freedom from problems and conditions that are often apathetically called ‘normal’ or ‘inevitable’, because of ‘reasons’…

I personally don’t see any reason why we should be able to and allow free communication among each other, and so understand each, as well. But if I wanted to drive somebody mad, turn him against himself, I would want to forbid him from speaking his thoughts, or I would belittle and ignore his communications like it was all BS, anyway, so he wouldn’t be willing to communicate. I wouldn’t expect such attitude from somebody who wouldn’t have secrets of his own, though.

Like all true things, honest communication is easy, simple and miraculous.

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