Life hacking

This post is wild. Please don’t read if you don’t like unusual, wild ideas. If you seek stability in what you consider real.

Hacking: It is a computer term. It means to know about what computer programs made of so well, so that you can alter them, in any way you wish to.

Every law of nature, of the mind, of the spirit, of behavior, of the universe, of life, everything we consider to be ‘normal’, ‘standard’ and inevitable can be hacked.

I always have that ‘in mind’, whenever I refer to any law. Nothing that I have or will mention herein is a standard. For example, I mentioned in a previous post the disastrous effects that lying and secrets can have in a relationship. Well, that is potential. It can only occur if it is created. I mention it to shed some light over that which is created, but only if it is created. You can resolve it by being honest, or by not creating it at all, or…

Often I refer to topics that I’ve observed in myself and others, and if what I’ve observed, another hasn’t, I don’t insist. I only speak from my own viewpoint, which is not always the same.

Like I’ve written before, when we refer to such laws we refer to creations, and not to the creator.

For reasons unknown to me, some things we see as unchangeable through our bodies (walls, planets, gravity etc) while some others not as unchangeable (like one’s financial status, emotional state etc). But still, some people see more things as unchangeable than others. Some people abide to more laws than others. Some see as extant completely different laws than others. Some are more apathetic about ‘how things are’ than others.

As far as human behavior and thoughts are concerned, for me nothing is unchangeable. On the contrary, I am being told about laws of behavior by others, like they are something as solid and unchangeable as matter itself. One who doesn’t even take responsibility for his own thinking, wont have control over it, and might see that as ‘self-created’ or and unchangeable, as well.

How to hack: Just like in computers, in order to hack something thoroughly, one must know exactly how that thing is made. He must understand it thoroughly. He must be up to taking responsibility for it’s whole creation process –that is to say, he must be able to create it from scratch –like Neo in those Matrix movies could see and understand the ‘code’ that the matrix was made of, and alter it, at will. And I’m not asserting we are in some computer program like that of the matrix. Actually, I have no idea about that.

Keep that in mind while reading my posts, so I wont be feeling guilty whenever I refer to ‘how things are’. Because they ‘aren’t’ really by themselves. They are made so, whenever they are made so.


3 thoughts on “Life hacking

  1. Interesting thoughts. Yes, people’s perspectives vary. Thank God that perspectives don’t create and support reality at the highest level, otherwise there would be no such thing as consistency within creation.

    1. I don’t know about the roles of perspectives in reality. But there is something to add about perspectives, in what I talk about: the perspectives of spirits and of men are not the same. Also what did you mean by ‘consistency’?

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