Lucky is the guy who doesn’t see people as bad, wrong, evil. He isn’t good because he loves them, aside from their faults –no no. He is lucky because he doesn’t see faults. He must have an easy and a very pleasant life.

I’ve talked to so many of them. I’ve been -at times- outraged, sad, disappointed. But how many have I really talked to, openly, honestly? How many have spoken their thoughts to me, directly, without filters? How many don’t filter themselves away from their own selves? Or do I do that, myself, as well?

I’ve been lucky to have talked to people like that. They are of any special class. They just people here and there. They are like walking gems, unlike anything else you will ever witness. If you really see them, they will leave you in awe.

If you were a soul collector (hopefully, not) you would possess the most precious things of all.

Each one is that. Whether one sees it or not, whether they themselves see it or not, they are still that. If they project something forward for themselves and others to see and believe, it’s a projection.

See and treat them for what they truly are, and you will see more of what they are. Do the opposite, and you will see more of the opposite.

I’m not being an optimist, hopeful saying that people are good. I know what I’m talking about. It is a matter of degree of perception of truth. If one is busy projecting another self for himself and others to see, what are the odds that he will perceive the truth about others, and treat them accordingly?

The greatest liability of lying is to wind up believing your own lies. 🙂


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