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There is something you might not know about me and this blog, and I need to let you know. I’ve been having a big challenge –some contradictory purposes. On one hand, I wish to communicate some things, for the purpose of one or another -who might be interested- to use them them for him/her self.

As you know, I have stressed much ‘own will’ and ‘truth’, as well as their opposites. My intention for each one of us is to be more self-driven, more independent, to know more truth by ourselves, to not be subjected to problems.

From my perspective, the truth of the matter is that each one of us can and should better do that through him/herself, not through an exterior source, such as myself. I accept and offer help and support when needed, but only towards a direction of self-sufficiency. In different words, I believe is it all inside of us.

The more I write, the more I move further away from that purpose. To consider that what I write is needed, does so. I don’t really agree that which I consider so great, a being of infinity, needs it.

So I will keep it to a minimum from now on. I will strip the blog from anything but the very basic –that is to say the technique (whose inventor is not myself, anyway) and some explanations regarding what it is about. I will most probably re-write that, because I’m no master of language, either. And even that, is not really needed, for myself, yourselves and the rest will never be anything but what we are.

I don’t think it is bad, if something was considered ‘needed’ yesterday, to no longer be needed. Actually, that is the purpose.

Moreover, I have also revised some ideas I used to employ about those discussed matters, myself.

Sure, communication among people who have same or similar interests and purposes can be very nice. But I’m not disappearing. What could be seen as ‘teaching’ -whether intended so by myself or not- is.



5 thoughts on “Blog revision

  1. I think I understand what you are saying, but keep in mind we “teach” others simply by doing. If you are sharing honestly of yourself and your own journey, then others will learn from it. It is why the interaction is so important.

    To offer your experience in the form of “instruction” does not make you a hypocrite; rather it makes you a usable tool for synchronicity to use. When someone needs to hear what you are saying, they will find you and be uplifted…

    I know it worked for me. I did not go looking for instruction, but I have gained valuable insights and new perspectives by reading your words. And often, I have found simple validation, which can be the most important “help” of all.

    Whatever you choose to do, please keep sharing, and I, for one, will keep reading. Thanks for being here and being you, Spyros! 🙂

    1. Thank you too Lisa 🙂 And I am glad to connect with you -singular and plural- as well. I don’t think it’s wrong to talk, to connect, and I’m not disconnecting.

      And also I understand what you mean about synchronicity. I have made those thoughts too, like you wrote them.

      It’s just that the borders between free, light communication and forceful teaching, are not the same for all people. Some are more easily forced than others. And not all understand the same. What I write is not uniformly good or bad, helpful or harmful for all. It’s been bothering me, ever since the beginning –me, in a broader sense.

      Co-operation, friendship, agreements can exist. I don’t see anything wrong about sitting and discussing. I enjoy it.

  2. “that is to say the technique (whose inventor is not myself, anyway) and some explanations regarding what it is about”

    What technique are you talking about?

    1. I’ll probably write about it better, again. It’s my first or second post bottom down. ‘Technique’ is not a correct word, but I don’t know of any other more correct. It’s to merely be the deepest self and perceive and operate as such. From ‘there’ no techniques are needed.

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