Advices in my blog

Many times in my life, since it begun, I have been how I should be like, what I should do, and what to not be like, and what not do, by many many people. And at times there were also implications or direct assertions that there was something wrong with me or about me.

And at some point in my life I just quit allowing that, leave alone to seek it. That was one of the very fortunate decisions I made in my life.

As years passed and I was being more and more uninfluenced. Past influences started to become clearer as well, before they disappeared, after I had acknowledged them as exterior thoughts, and not thoughts of my own.

And I must tell you that out of the many things I had been told and believed, only very very few were of any positive value to me, regardless of the claimed positivity and ‘my own good’. Some did do it to help, indeed. Some others didn’t. And still, regardless of intentions, only few applied to me.

The person that helped me the most interfered very little with my decisions. And he only helped me by pointing out super-obvious things. Imagine standing on an elephant while being troubled about the birds in the sky that had appeared 5 days, and somebody comes along and says ‘I don’t see any birds, and by the way, what are you doing on that elephant?’points out to you there is an elephant there. Yes, I was so hypnotized adopting other’s ideas, that I wasn’t seeing the obvious. And whenever he pointed out something, there was something to see in present, and not something to think about. And so, unlike others, I didn’t even have to believe him.

That’s why I decided to kick advices out of my blog. They just didn’t work for me, most of the time. On the contrary, when I became an advisor of myself things started to get straightened out, in my life. And I would suggest that to everybody, as well.

Although I have written about it before, there is a thing that I would like to point out, addressed only to those who pursue it. And that thing is one’s own self, one’s own driving force, one’s own perception and creativity. Truth and reality will be what you yourself know to be. And no matter what myself or others write and say, that shouldn’t change. I don’t wish you to take another’s viewpoint (like my own). On the contrary I suggest to have your own.

And if you are on a spiritual path, know there is no path at all that is true. All you will ever hope to achieve about your being, was never lost. On the contrary, you’ve probably created and adopted other’s viewpoints, ideas, decisions goals that you can now use to pretend to have become something other than what you are, and take paths that are not of your own decision. And you are doing that right now, and things aren’t making much sense nor are they working out like they should. And to resolve that you’re seeking advice and information elsewhere. But you see how that is a vicious circle. And that’s why I don’t wish to contribute to that.

You’re more than capable of guiding yourself. Misunderstanding, mystery, inability, wondering, failure… all those things are not natural to your basic being. You need to deny yourself to attain them. You need to pretend you are something other than what you are.

6 thoughts on “Advices in my blog

  1. I find it fascinating that you include “wondering” in the list of things we never were; that we have to deny who we are to achieve…

    Is that because it implies we don’t already know?

    Just curious… 🙂 Have a glorious day, Spyros… If you choose to, of course. Lol!

    1. Hey Lisa, I had a good sleep. Sure, Greece is a few hours ahead in time, but I also work at night. So, it’s as if I was living in the States. 🙂

      Yes, to wonder means ‘there is something I don’t know’ and then you engage on a trip to find out. And usually people use past experiences to find out, not direct perception. And then we wonder some more and…

      I haven’t found any all-knowing sphere, either. But each time I find some more truth about a matter, I understand even the questions I was posing to my mind weren’t true.

      Yes, you can simply and directly know. You can know what you’re creating.

      1. Hmm… you’ve got me thinking now…

        Oh, wait. I don’t need to think about it anymore… lol! 😉

        You have an amazing perspective and a deep wisdom. I admire you, Spyros. 🙂

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