Behind ideology

Unfortunately, madness has no political, religious, racial nor other allegiance. It just happens that from time to time, more mad people are allowed to dominate one place or another. That place then gets sick and seeks to dominate the rest, before it collapses.

Ideologies then -even if altered to suit the circumstances- become tools to convince the majority to play the mad game of domination. People agree with the -apparently good- ideology, but the result is mostly opposite to the idea.

I wouldn’t waste my time analyzing ideas, while disregarding who would use them and to what end, despite the claimed intentions and charming PR.

Give physics to a mad guy, and he will make weapons out of it. Give God to another, he will become an inquisitor. On the contrary, good-willing people could even use mediocre ideologies to better ends.

What does it actually bring about? That’s scientific thinking. It isn’t about how nice and rational a theory sounds. No matter the number of stamps, the pompous appearance and good intentions, in the end, that’s all that matters.


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