Victims of stupidity

People don’t just become victims of propaganda. Those who do, use it when they think it serves them, it makes them right, they’re no longer guilty.

Don’t expect from a heroin dealer to admit his heroin is harmful or that it shouldn’t be harmful. Don’t expect from a slave trader to admit people deserve any better. He’ll believe and support what gives him excuses. It doesn’t matter whether it makes logical sense or not.

His conviction is neither due to evidence nor due to logic, but he will insist it’s a fact, and he will make sense out of it, too. “I am selfish because jungle law. You are selfish too. Everybody’s selfish”. Then if you turn him, he will have his (further) proof, too.

That’s what a selfish guy has against you, before he even gets to know you. That’s why he insists to passionately misinterpret what you say. That’s why he never gets it.


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