The struggle for englightenment

In this game of transcending a web of lies that confines one to believing oneself as limited, a victim, perpetrator, an observer of things beyond ‘his’ control, nobody is obliged to participate, nor to make others participate, either.

And in my experience whenever there is enforcement, it means the enforcer believes in some lies himself. And might even believe them to a degree that he seeks to profit -in one way or another- from helping others, and so he himself desires to be needed. And then you also get people who never quit needing such a person’s help. That cycle never ends. And if it ends, it ends in ashes.

Nothing is needed by a spirit. Actually, all the rest could need a spirit to help them.

This game can be played -or not- together, with others, and it can be fun to do so.

But deep down, what you try to help does not need help. It indulges into pretending that it is something that it is really not, willingly. And only willingly can it decide to no longer do so.

To have one believe he is wrong is a way to push him deeper into the mud, for you insist to focus on and enhance lies. But one can do the opposite and realize the truth, and help another do the same too, if he so wants.

One who knows his true nature, can see it in others too, to an analogous degree. And visa versa, in extreme occasions wherein one is a big time criminal (not the spirit, the assumed identity), seeks to hold others accountable of crimes. Or some dangerously mad scientist deems everyone to be dangerously mad, and seeks to incapacitate them, so they’ll do no harm.

We really are together in this game. And pointing the finger is not needed. Those who point the finger-even to themselves- need to quit believing in lies, the most.

An of course those beliefs don’t even pertain to the spirit, and a spirit -aware of being one- would rather laugh at them, than believe them.

The one who first brought the light, the one who first ‘enlightened’ was called Lucifer, by some. He was also the one who had brought the darkness, in the first place (unto himself, at first). Don’t fall for that. That’s an old story. His light was needed as much as his darkness was. Yet, one might try to imitate him by creating problems in others so as to solve them, to no end. It’s his own creations he will try to resolve.

As a spirit you don’t have problems. And if something needs handling is to realize that, not to resolve problems you don’t have, for that can never end, as it never really begins, either.

One is perfection. One is the whole. The whole is within each one, including Luci. As one grants that to himself, he grants it to others too. As one grants that to others, he grants it to himself. After all, ‘he’ is those others too.


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