By ‘fighting’ here I don’t mean just physical fight, violence, insults, war. Fighting is when a thing is put against another thing, and such a thing could be even a thought.

One thinks to himself ‘should I go buy groceries or not? Well, I’m too tired to go, but I need to cook, but what if I cooked later? Oh f*ck it, I’m going.”. That’s a lot of fighting there –fighting within oneself. He makes a thought and then he makes a anti-thought, and that’s called being clever or critical thinking or something, by some.

And so then you get people operating with such thinking with more serious matters and wondering why they feel rather chaotic emotions –wondering why they feel bad. And to handle that, they fight themselves some more. They suppress their capacity to think and to feel, by putting something like a drug above their own capacity to create thoughts and emotions. Or they assume they cannot trust their own thinking and emotions, and appoint another or others to tell them what to think and feel. And it’s considered so ‘normal’ now, for one to not even know what his own will is.

That’s ‘divide and conquer’ strategy there. If you wish to conquer a country, put it to fight itself (ot others) first, weaken it. Then come with the solution. It’s works the same way with people. If you wish to really dominate somebody, turn him against himself. Point out to him how wrong his thinking, appearance or anything else is, ‘for his own good’. If he believes you, he will sooner or later allow you to do the thinking for him. Or if you wish to break up a couple, out of envy or anything else, go tell one of them how the other takes advantage of him/her and offer your kind sympathies after the first fights and heartbreaks, while adding some more blame to the cruel other. Those have been very common, and rarely acknowledged for what they are strategies, to turn one against oneself or against others. And sadly, those who incite those fights are mostly seen as saviors than as perpetrators.

What’s wrong with (some, many, most) people is the wrongness they themselves create. It’s that they make themselves wrong, and then seek to make themselves right by using something else, that justifies the wrong they had done. And then they make others wrong too, in turn. And that becomes a circle. And as they deny themselves, they deny others too. They wind up distrusting themselves, others, life or anything else. They don’t allow things to be. They try to fight what they think that exists. Some say that people are inherently wrong and that justifies some trying to make them right. But they’ve never witnessed any people who don’t fight with themselves (even if they insist to others that they are ‘right’) and with each other. That is to say, they’ve never witnessed any internally free people who in turn grant the same freedom to others –people who don’t deny themselves and -in turn- let others be too.

When you fight something, that thing snaps on your ‘face’ (like two opposite charged poles that snap) and then you look through it, and then you consider you are it, even if that takes a while to fully occur. That’s how some start on a path and wind up taking the opposite path. That’s how anti-imperialists became the greatest imperialists of all, that’s how religions of love became religions of pain, that’s how anti-racists become the greatest racists of all, that’s how disappointed lovers become the greatest haters.

Fighting is a charming trap designed to make oneself submit to and become that which he fights. It just doesn’t work.

You change life by creating something new to what you currently think that exists, not by turning against what you think that exists. That doesn’t work. You repair a relationship by creating a good one, not by protesting against a bad one. There isn’t any relationship, unless it is created. You get rid of a dark past by creating a great present and future, not by thinking the past has effect on you and then resist it. There is no past. There are only the creations that are occurring in present. Only through bringing the past in present, can the past exist.


3 thoughts on “Fighting

  1. Interesting post, Spyros… I understand the words, and mostly what you are getting at, and I cannot help but agree. At least in the sense of focusing on the negative, the critical, the judgmental helping to reinforce or create those circumstances. And I agree that we are not truly victims of our pasts, though I would not go so far as to say it doesn’t exist, for it continues to play in my conscious memory, thus I am keeping it present and alive…

    The point you make about thought and anti-thought, though… that bears more consideration. It fascinates me to now see that dynamic as you have explained it…

    Thanks for the inspiration… 🙂

    1. I’m glad 🙂 I know my writing is condensed. Hopefully, if I make all this a book it will be more understandable.

      You know you can -even if temporarily- stop the past from ‘playing’. That is because the playing is our own doing, when it occurs. We most often communicate based on past experiences, and we also spend many years getting trained to think like that.

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