Confusion and stability

They say one ought to doubt everything -including himself- in order to be more intelligent and not be stuck with fixed ideas. And I too don’t wish for people to be stuck with ideas of one or another kind.

But there is something missing from that say: Stuck ideas come after confusion, collision, chaos. They are not native to people. Nor do they get acquired by merely reading some text. And one doesn’t just freely pick them up one fine day. If he did, he would as easily put them down, as well.

Fixed ideas come and stay after pain, suffering, indecision, confusion, overwhelm and generally, chaos.  Such ideas incapacitate a mind and limit it’s horizons. “I will never trust ____ again”, “love hurts”,”mom is always right” and things like that.

They become fixed as they provide a temporary solution to a chaotic condition, thus the person considers them undoubtedly right. But as fixed, such ideas limit the person who employs them, from that point on, in his life, and the person becomes fixed, as well.

And a person who continuously doubts himself the most, is also most liable to seek such solutions and get fixated on and be ‘right’ about, before he falls into confusion again, and seek more fixation and so on…

Don’t fall for that.


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