Pitfalls of equality

There can be much more to the word ‘equality’, than just equal rights. Equal rights, freedoms, opportunities and ‘being the same’ are just not the same.

However, whenever a group (or person) wishes to destroy another group (or another person, or a whole population), it points out the worst in that group (or person or population) and says the whole group is like that, so as to have an excuse to destroy it.

It’s typical, sickening propaganda for fanatics, who don’t bother to note any difference between one person and another. Everyone is equal to the worst. And eventually, everybody pays for few, no matter the group, so the worst can dominate the rest.

And on an individual level too, one’s misdeeds (or alleged misdeeds) overshadow his good deeds, according to some people. And so, a mere mistake can put one in prison or send him to hell, or otherwise stain him forever. And that’s called ‘justice’ by some hungry-for-punishment guys, who have certainly never done anything wrong themselves.

It seems some prefer that we’ll never find out who borrowed 300 billions, on behalf of ‘Greece’, and where they shoved that money in. They prefer to say that ‘Greece’ borrowed the money. Let me -as well as the rest- take the blame for it then, even though that money never came my way. Let those who became billionaires safely keep their stash in Switzerland, while I pay for them, as we are all equally guilty. Let’s turn the people of Germany (who are all the same) and Greece (who are all the same) against each other instead, and spread dissent across all Europe, while a handful of thieves run away from the back door. Let the fanatic idiots yell, repeating any idiocy they’ve read in newspapers, supporting one side or another, as if they were watching a football match on TV. That’s what those handful few wanted.

And similarly, let me take the blame for all phallocrats on Earth, for all men are the same. Let’s destroy all sex, love and relationships, for it’s all equally bad.

Don’t forget to surveil my communications because we are all equally potential criminals.

And above all, make sure you put some of the greatest criminals above our heads in social status, to keep us safe from ourselves, to manage our wealth, health, ethics, sanity and education, so that we’ll be intelligent enough to know that an apple and an apple equal two apples, even though there have never been two same apples, on Earth.


7 thoughts on “Pitfalls of equality

  1. There is no “justice” in the world anymore. I agree…

    Here in my own country, the criminals are running the show, my own government officials on record committing “treason”, our elections rigged against the voters (and proven so), and yet none of them are called to task…

    But should I attempt to cross a street without being in the crosswalk, I can be ticketed; if I complain, I’d be arrested…

    Not a time for rational beings to exist, I’m afraid… 😦

    1. Yeah, I observe myself and others how we freak out when we try to make sense of politics. I think one can go nutty if he tries to make sense of nuts 😛

        1. If you’re flexible enough to be logical with the illogical and then come back quickly, yes. It might take a while with me. It feels sticky and yucky 😛

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