If we saw reality

If we all saw reality for what it is, instead of tripping, instead of imagining things that are not there, I couldn’t possibly write this now, for there would be no wordpress, no internet, no computers, and above all I couldn’t conceive anything other than what is here (the sky, the ground etc) to write.

At best, we would grab an animal to eat or somebody to procreate with (to put it politely). And other than that, other than the basic animal insticts, we would sit and stare, or sleep or something.

Indeed, there would be no spiritualities nor other mumbo jumbo, nor tripping artists that ‘do nothing useful’, like to carry food for queen bee. We would all see reality, dead matter, trees and animals, and that’s all we would see and think of, as well. And we could pass all tests with an A from the local psychoscientist (there wouldn’t be any, either) and get approval to be considered normal.

If everybody at all times just adapted to what was, and discarded anything new that ‘wasn’t there’ as ‘imaginary’, as if it was some insult, if we were fixated in ‘present time’, there would be nothing, simply put. And there isn’t going to be anything new -other than destroying the old- unless somebody makes some. Those are the guys that need support -assuming they have something better than the old in mind- not the ones who say “it cannot be done because it isn’t realistic”, not the ones who place their bets on -or even cause- other’s incapacity.


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