You can’t have one opposite without the other, and one creates the other. ‘We hate black, so we’ll all go with white’ ‘love all this, hate or that’ or visa versa. There cannot be other colors.

And we must all be, think the same, anyway, often ‘to be free’ from the opposite. ‘Let’s not be oppressed by this, let be oppressed by that.’

And it gets more amusing when both opposites are run by the same person(s), so it’s a win-win for him/them.

And if you’ve managed to save some sanity for yourself, and you’re more intelligent than a carrot, and you can do more than copy/pasting other’s thoughts, repeating things that have been pounded to you a few 100s or 1000s of times (because number of times pounded and repeated=amount of truth), and you’re involved with politics and other pop topics, it can get pretty lonely.


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