Reversed ethics

More than half the people I meet daily, specially at work, act like I ought to get their approval so I wont be wrong and guilty, or something. And it’s pretty uninvited, as far I understand. From the very first moment they step in, they’re ready to pass the sentence, if they haven’t already.

Poor souls do nothing unless they have another’s, while nobody approval. It’s the reign of the (always other) people, that are never ourselves, unless we take the judge’s side.

And so we can all be slaves or masters to each other, while nobody’s supposed to be his own darn master, first. As ironically the one who always judges and plays the boss, is not the one who works, the one who does, the one who offers something. The other, who has work done for him, judges. And even more ironically, the one who has work done for him, tries to command the one who works, who should be commanding himself!

And this also implies, if you want to be a ‘loser’ by ‘normal’ standards, of ‘normal’ people who preach and follow the so called ‘normality’, offer something.

The ‘normal’ is to grab as much as we can before we die -along with ample propaganda- and to feel good doing so. And if that doesn’t feel that good, engineers are here to make us robots feel good, because our own feelings are wrong. Then you wonder why to offer something is treated as slavery, by slaves.

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