How to tell a lie

This is from a high spiritual viewpoint, and nobody is asked to agree. I’ve isolated some common characteristics of lies. It could be helpful to some.

We don’t speak the truth. It isn’t part of life to do so. However, we can speak and live closer and further away from truth, as there can be greater and lesser lies.

A lie appears to be outside one’s zone of control. It seems to exist and persist by itself or by will of another or others.

The greater the lie the more it mimicks truth; like a twisted, dark reflection. Like in the example of one who would backstab another, as he would assert that to be true to him would not allow his ‘freedom’. Or like in another example where one demands ‘loyalty’ and ‘love’ with a sword. All those concepts can get twisted to mean something completely different than the original ones, although they might appear the same.

A lie can become convincing to a point of nearly absolute certainty. Truth can be known with certainty, without effort. Note the difference between conviction and knowing. One is an idea with force. The other is not an idea, at all. Likewise, I am writting ideas here, not truth.

Lies can appear eternal (last forever in time). Truth is infinite, unlimited. It has no beginning and no end. It is senior to time, and to say it lasts forever would be derogatory, as it isn’t a creation, like time.

Lies always contain division and an ‘against’ factor. They can also contain enforced unity and compromise to a point of where different things appear the same. Truth encompasses all things and potential things, including those that appear separate and different.

Lies result in chaos and later on, in an enforced order (suppression). Truth nulls the whole cycle.

Lies result in compulsions, inhibitions and generally, limitations. But those things don’t truly exist.


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