Imaginary reality

One can experience great relief and consequent freedom in realizing one thing after the other, that disturbing things he has been considering real are in fact imaginary; at which point, as he knows its his own imagination, they will no longer affect him, in any way.

Most know they can imagine and experience things that don’t need to be in any way related to what others experience. And that is called imagination. You create something, and you experience it yourself.

But there can be commonly created and experienced imaginations too. And then what is commonly perceived is called reality, by those who experience it. They agree with each other over what they experience, over what ‘is’, and they have their common reality.It’s that simple.

As one denies his own potential creativity, and responsibility for what he experiences, he assigns that responsibility to others, as he is unwilling to experience nothing. Thus he experiences other’s imaginations by passively copying them. And thus reality seems more and more solid, unchangeable, although it is anything but that.

This matches with the compulsion of some to become greater than others, by seeking to put their own imaginations above other’s, or to completely incapacitate others from imagining (creating). And that’s what fighting, undermining, and generally conflict is about. If you can determine what another experiences, you’re his ‘God’, in the sense of an absolute dominator. And those who wish to become that, most often refer to their imagination as a general reality, in an effort to convince others. They speak of ‘people’, ‘life’, ‘things’ and’the world’, as if they were God indeed, and they always speak disturbingly, derogatorily of those things. Those who believe them, buy their imagination as ‘reality’, and then that becomes reality for them too, indeed.

Another example of imagining for another, is when somebody is being hypnotised, where the hypnotist commands the hypnotised one to imagine (copy) what he tells him to, and the hypnotised passively obeys. This is deep and obvious hypnotism, but there can be less obvious ways too, like when one speaks with such wideand disturbing generalities about reality, and becomes believed.

The process of memorising, parroting, accompanied by threats of punishment, and emotional upset, doesn’t aim to create understanding. It is meant to create a mode of thinking where an individual passively copies/pastes what is given to him, by ‘legitimate sources’ and thus experience that ‘reality’, and be ruled by those who create it for him, in his life. Thus, some really outrageously obvious lies become easily digested and considered real. Thus, people are given ideas that some person’s spoken ‘reality’ is more valid than other’s. Thus fanaticism can exist. Thus, the resulting confusion and between ‘reality and ‘truth’. Truth is not measured by the amount of people who believe it, nor by one’s status, nor by the number of stamps that accompany it. But surely those things provide a stable reference that one can cling on.

Phobias are commnly created by others too, by having the person imagine analogous things, in an effort to control him through fear. Same with depression and other negative conditions. All those are particularly dangerous and effective when the victim is not aware where he has bought what he imagines from, as the perpetrator who relayes terrifying news, or makes derogatory remarks, or makes it seem like everyone is against him, does it for the victim’s ‘own good’. And the victim is most liable to turn again everybody and everything, but not against that person, since that person supposedly speaks on behalf of everybody, reality and so on. And this is also how some few divide people into conflicts and wars, and makes life appear harsh and ugly, in order to dominate them. They do it in their ‘support’. And if you suspect and react against such a person, he will ‘not understand what you talk about’.

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