Timeless awareness

It isn’t that I haven’t written about this before. It’s just that sometimes I get a clever (I think) idea how to relay it better, in a more understandable way.

I have talked about direct perception as a spirit before, how to do it and why. Actually, I have been super-brief about the ‘why’, and jumped directly to the main dish, because I don’t seen much of a benefit in analyzing problems.

But to put it in a few words again, direct perception as spirit brings about the vanishing of problems. And on the other hand, you might assume, that what is not directly perceived by the spirit persists.

How to do that? First of all, understand the spirit does not exist in time. In order for a spirit to exist in time, it needs to create itself in time. The spirit is self-created or in other words, created by infinity, God -call it how you will- and it is it’s creator, itself. It is infinity’s unit of awareness. It is infinity. So, perceive as that, instead of perceiving as a body. Perceive what? A specific place, thing to perceive are not needed for that would be to look, like a human does. Just perceive, know in the now, and don’t think. Our thoughts as humans revolve around the human self and don’t pertain to the spirit self. So thinking as a human, makes you be that. Just don’t think and perceive.

A ritual, meditation, specific physical stances are not needed, although they could exist. Those are physical, body things, and they shouldn’t matter. Perhaps it helps to have your body in a comfortable environment that wont force you to have attention fixed on your body or your surroundings, so you can do it easily.

Some have as technique to call upon God instead. It a different approach, but it can be exactly the same, for an awareness unit of God (spirit) is God. It is not inferior, nor is it a part of it. It is God’s point of perception.

Don’t forget, you need to create it, to make it happen. Don’t go search for your spiritual self. You will not find it, unless you create it, for you are it’s creator. And if you create it, you will find it. Just be that, and perceive as such, no searching is needed. And truly remarkable things can happen in your life, whose limits I’m not aware of. After all, it’s infinity we’re talking about. 🙂

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