Loyalty in the hive

We get taught by some always-right preachers that there is nothing wrong in pledging unconditional allegiance to some rude, stranger employer, who we are to serve with our free will, so we wont be poor or homeless, who wants to employ us just to profit, in most cases.

But there is so much wrong in being loyal to a person you yourself love. Then you are not free and you are suppressed.

You know the story ‘we are animals…’ blah blah and ‘marriage=religion=old fashion’.

Even if you were to compare humans to animals, why did you pick insects? It shows how you appreciate them, or what you want to make out of them. And don’t you know certain animals are loyal and nice to each other?

Yes money is everything and human connection is nothing important. Go on, life is beautiful.

It is very naive to assume that if the previous masters of thought of mankind were suppressive, their successors must be the opposite (they pound that, all the time). Masters are suppressive, by definition. It’s as stupid as to say that ‘science’ can represented by a clique of super-rich people. Or that to offer something forcefully, without own free will, so you wont starve, should be called work, and not slavery, because ‘all that matters is to feel good’, or more correctly put ‘to be oblivious’, as thinking so, would hurt.


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