Emotional modification

I have mentioned before how one who habitually commits significant harmful acts that he could be held accountable for, assumes a permanently hostile stance (even if it’s so concealed that appears to be the oppose), for the purpose to have somebody put his attention inside himself (by using guilts, shame and such), so as not to notice what is going on.

But there can be other ways to divert attention and conceal the truth. Emotional modification is a way to trick one into thinking that the negative condition he experiences is actually positive, to jam his compass so as to always show north no matter what, so as to hide the dirty work from his view.

Imagine an extreme example of a woman getting raped, then somebody approaches her and tells her with a calm and sly tone that nothing bad is happening, it’s just her point of view that sees it bad, and coaxes her to just ‘feel good and let it happen’. Does that sound familiar? Actually, such mentality is pretty mainstream. And although that example sounds extreme and unrealistic, there was actually a woman at some place, not long ago, that had gotten gang-raped and then even apologized to her rapists afterwards, in public, as they had gone through ‘hard times’ and she felt responsible (guilty) for it. Apparently, that woman had been brainwashed by the political group she was working for, while helping those guys that raped her, into always ‘loving’ that specific ethnic group that the people who had committed that belonged to.

Some religions, spiritualities, sciences, political and other groups and individuals have a fair share of responsibility in doing that, pushing people to always feel good, no matter what (don’t confuse that with your own ability to make and change your own emotions). What does that result in? People’s sense of ethics gets messed up, as they have no compass of their own to follow, and they follow another’s instead. In short, the intention is to follow somebody’s words and not their own feelings. What for? So that they’ll be under control and so that somebody’s dirty works will remain concealed.

You can’t get more naive than to appoint another to dictate to you how you should feel and what you should think, to be right, because you can no longer do that yourself. And there is nothing wrong in feeling bad about doing something that is not aligned with you. But if you wound up always feeling good no matter what you did, the most hideous, harmful acts against yourself as well as against others would feel good, as well.


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