When agreements get dismantled

While I am not a PR guy, I try to not be very rude either, nor to ridicule anyone while I write things online. I am not going to write about ‘dumb Jon Doe’ who believes and practices ‘some idiotic thing’ and so on, but I will write the truth I know about that idiotic thing with no remorse, not to attack it, not to support some other thing, but for the sake of truth, alone. So that no Jon Doe, nor any other Jon Doe will buy it.

What has more or less liberated me in life is truth, not some ideology about liberty that seems to grant me some liberty but takes more away from the back door (yes, I am implying something).

What I’ve seen is that most people abide to some political, religious or other ideology, that is not of their own making. And while that is not inherently wrong, if one falls into the trap to assume he always needs to defend that from some enemy, then he can no longer allow another to speak freely. And should there be anything to learn from another, he will just not learn it.

I don’t think I should be the one who should teach somebody the truth either. It just happens that this is already done by others, anyway. And my role is to undo that. And unlike them, I don’t do it with fire, sword and voluntarism that is not voluntary.

My intention is know truth directly through myself, and so you see I wouldn’t want anything else for others either.

If what keeps me united with another or others is some agreement(s) over some topic of that sort, or maybe agreement(s) over opposing some topic of that sort, that will sooner or later be dismantled. And my friends will be those who can tolerate that; those who can allow me to be free, as well as to be free themselves. I want to agree with each other for what we are, not over our common beliefs that have commonly been put there by some shepherd, so that we’ll work for him and fight his/her enemies.

There can’t be complete neutrality and freedom in life for a human, while he still needs to be somebody and to do something to survive. But there can be relatively much more freedom that what already is. And that’s what I go for. And those who taken away a little freedom, and offer more, are also with me.


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