I have employed in my life ideas, and I’ve had attitudes that were rather bad, from my perspective, as they didn’t serve me or didn’t serve we in general. But the past (many) years something great happened to me. I quit limiting myself, and others and life in general as to what could be done, as to how things could be.

I’m a mule. If I really want to arrive somewhere, I’ll be heading there, no matter what, for as long as I want to. Still that might not be the same as arriving there. But surely enough, I wouldn’t have arrived at some places without such a perspective, and I’m really glad I did.

You probably know the story about that guy who fails once, and then tries again and then fails again and again and again until somebody comes along and points out to him the hard, cold ‘truth’ –that it cannot be done. And maybe also other disappointed ones or maybe even people who wouldn’t want that done, point out the same. And then that guy believes that, as obviously he’s failed many times, and he is convinced it cannot happen. So, he quits and gets down to Earth or something, and devotes the rest of his life in growing roots, and tries hard to feel good about it. That guy might have as well been you. If not, I’m glad for you.

In any case, that ‘cannot be done’ cannot be part of my thinking.

I might be aiming 2 kilometers high, and only reach 100 meters, but I wouldn’t ask for consultation from somebody who wouldn’t even look up there, because he is a realist and doesn’t buy such stuff, and so on –the guy who coaxes me to look down on the ground, and pounds it and asks me to hear it and feel how real it is, and to sit down and take a rest, and to not be hard on myself, and to quit dreaming of skies; while he omits the fact that without air he wouldn’t even be alive. You tell him “But I’ve been there before.” and while he is still looking down he replies “You’re tripping. I don’t see any traces.”

I’m aware some people are really convinced by the ground, as they have fallen on their faces a few times, and it’s become very real to them, and the airy sky…well it isn’t that real. Some others might have fallen from 5 meters high, while climbing up some faulty ladder, and then they figured it all out –that there is no sky. But I’ve fallen from way higher, hit bottom harder, even made a hole down on the ground that I had to climb out of, broken a few bones, and I’m still not convinced that there is no sky. Moreover, some times I didn’t even use any ladder at all.

You need to be careful to tell the difference between two things –truth and conviction. We are told that those two are the same, but they aren’t. You can easily get convinced by observing yourself and others about the existence or non existence of something, but this doesn’t mean that something couldn’t exist or couldn’t stop existing (if it exists already). It doesn’t mean it’s never existed either, nor that others that you haven’t observed haven’t made it.

Also, you should be aware some have been busy selling faulty ladders, or making good ladder faulty, because some just wish to be above all. And since they can’t climb themselves, they wont allow others to climb either. But they’ll gladly help you patch up your wounds, after you’ve fallen down, in a way they will never heal, but will get infected and swollen, instead. Then they’ll blame you for that, and ask for your good money and gratitude, anyway.

I’d suggest to keep your horizons open to any possibility; that is to say to keep potential existence or non existence pure, free from limits. And to also assume that to some degree or even completely, you’re in control of it; instead of giving up so as to experience a temporarily relief by disconnecting from past failures, and potential new ones.

Like I’ve said before, my compass where I should head to and where not is my likes and dislikes, and I can tell by experience that they are very much aligned with where I should or should not head to. I just don’t endure conditions that make me sick because ‘I should’. Nor would I feel good to harm myself or others. So, I don’t need to separate myself from ethics, and adopt somebody else’s ethics, either.

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