Manipulation through language

Language can be used as a sneaky way to control, more than most people that I’ve known imagine, and more than I used to image too, until somewhat recently.

It can become pretty obvious if you pay attention to what some -for example- politicians say, if you have the capacity to not be absorbed by the hypnotic property of talking utter rubbish. Some just open their mouths and go on and on and on and say absolute nothing, while those who listen to them actually think they have heard something. A guy asks “What are we going to do about the war?”, and he replies “War is bad and I don’t like cake” and then people applause.

Some have made language a means of creating impressions instead of understanding. And don’t be fool to assume that impressions and understanding are the same.

I keep hearing about capitalism this and socialism that, and this party and that party quarreling on TV and so on. And although parties have vanished, and new ones have come to power, and although we have actually changed the whole civic a few times until now, I still go to work and work under the same conditions and get about the same money, like I did 15 years ago. The only thing that has changed is that some become more and more stupid, and parrots and fanatics fighting over things that don’t exist.

And when you think that things exist while they don’t, while you have never seen them, felt them, heard them, but only heard about them, that’s hypnotism baby. And some live in a movie that’s not of their own making, and some others make sure they’ll never wake up from it, so that their fraud will never be revealed. That while they are told to be ‘down to earth’ and not dream, and think realistically.

You shouldn’t think with words, because words don’t have a specific meaning, and thus one can slightly (or more) twist the meaning of them and use you. When somebody says that ‘slavery’ means ‘involuntary work under threat or use of force’ and then calls involuntary work under threat or use of force -like hunger- ‘work’ instead of ‘slavery’, we have a problem, mate. When somebody punishes his child because he ‘loves’ it, what will the child understand when another says he or she loves it again? I mean, if love equals hate, that’s going to bring about some trouble. When responsibility means ‘the state of being the person who caused something to happen’ and another twists that to be ‘to be accountable for’, that’s not the same either. If nobody knows they make things happen, in an effort to dodge being accountable and punished for it, you see how making things happens (no matter what those are) and knowing it is something to be punished for. And so then you’ll be unwilling to make things happen. It’s the same with success. ‘Be successful’ they say. And then they tell you what to do in order to be that, because ‘success’ obviously means to be told what to do –to have a good job, and so on.

Happy being free

4 thoughts on “Manipulation through language

  1. I agree that language is a powerful manipulator, but as a writer, I count on that. I mean, I write for myself, but I hope that it influences others (preferably in a positive sense). And when it comes to social interaction of any kind, language is critical; it can (and does) determine compatibility, cooperation, opposition, etc… Even self-talk is powerful and influential, affecting both my sense of potential and limitation…

    That being said, I agree that being more conscious (aware) of how language is influencing us in any given moment is essential to effectively maneuvering in that moment to reach our desired outcome. Recognizing the power of words and language can make us more powerful creators of our realities…

    I remember way back when (without giving away my age – lol!) when I set out to discover if 1) Truth was absolute or merely relative and subjective, and 2) if absolute, could it be communicated via language? It was an interesting journey to take, leading me down many frustrating and fruitful paths, until finally concluding that the answer to both is yes and no, simultaneously and without contradiction; the very essence of paradox…

    But don’t take my word for it… 😉

    1. Sure, I didn’t condemn language as a whole. The problem -the way I see it- is misunderstanding. There can be the case wherein one intends to make something understood and fails; but there can also be the case where one think something, sends something else, and the other assumes to have understood –in other words trickery.

      It seems we have taken similar paths, by the way. 🙂

      1. Ahh… so the “trickery” is inherent in the concept of language itself…? The idea that we think we are successfully communicating our intent while actually failing to do so; or that we are understanding someone else while failing to do so… That makes perfect sense!

        Assuming that’s what you meant, of course… lol!

        And I believe we have walked many of the same roads, Spyros, as I “hear” much that I think I understand in what you share… 🙂

        1. Noo haha I brought up this matter of language and misunderstanding and now I am misunderstood 😛

          I meant language can be used to trick, if one intends so. One could create impressions with it, become convincing with it.

          I know I didn’t explain it thoroughly.

          On the other hand, there can also be things are are not included in language, that have no words to represent them. And so if one’s thinking is limited to thinking with words, he wouldn’t conceive anything beyond that, either.

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