There is no meaning anywhere to be found or at least I have never found any. There is the meaning that beings add to things and then perceive it. The universe is blank.

A guy draws a vertical line on a blackboard and you think it’s number ‘1’, because you have trained yourself to do so. So then it means something to you, although numbers don’t mean anything in specific. 1 what? Who knows, it could be anything. But how do you arrive from seeing a line to thinking that its ‘number 1’? That’s a whole thinking process, and often a quite complex one.

You see a person you think ‘he/she is beautiful’. Oh yeah? Where does he/she have that beauty, unless you think of it yourself? How come one thinks something is beautiful and another doesn’t, if that thing is objectively beautiful by itself? You put the beauty and admiration there, yourself. And then you probably add some more over that, like that since it’s beautiful it’s also valuable and scarce. Some know how to add value and beauty to their bodies by the way; they make it scarce to trigger that automatic sequence of thinking. ‘If it’s scarce, so it must be valuable’. It’s nothing. But because you have been trained to think so, and because your thinking often coincides with other’s thinking, you think that’s objective. But it isn’t.

What’s the meaning of an object, the value of a piece of paper with those strange symbols imprinted on it, that nobody understands and that it’s so hard to acquire? It’s meaning and value are 0, no matter what lines somebody has drawn on it. But if both the shopper and shopkeeper didn’t lie about it’s non extant inherent value, you couldn’t buy anything with it.

And if you didn’t add meaning to these strange symbols (fonts) you’re reading now on wordpress, you would see just that –some lines on wordpress. There rest are your own creation, and we communicate through fonts by hopefully creation the same, and thus making a common reality. But the lines by themselves mean absolutely nothing.


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