Don’t help Greece

Apparently some idiots insist that we are some sort of a communal farm here, and we collectively share profits, as much as we collectively owe to ‘the world’ that is also another communal farm. And in response to that, some others think that I will gain something if they come here for vacations or if they otherwise buy something that’s made in Greece.

Guys, if we collectively gained things by the wealth this country was making all those years, we wouldn’t be in this condition now.

The only thing I gain when more tourists come here is extra work, and not extra money, as my pay is not analogous to my work. And when people on psychedelics come here, and wish to point out to me that I owe them something or another thing of that sort, I only gain a headache, and them gain bad karma.

Don’t believe all those who whine on TV how poor the country is. Switzerland alone has about a trillion stored made by citizens of this tiny country. And apparently the good, free press is -at large- unwilling to point out who had been profiting all those year (‘Show me your friend, and I’ll show you who you are’). And it’s rather happy to point the finger to a whole country, uniformly, because we share the profit, as much as the burden they say; and to cover their friend’s trails by creating conflicts between general, abstract things like ‘Greece’ and ‘Germany’, and get people emotional by reviving a century-old war, and other psychotic idiocies like that. If those soulless corpses who have been pointing fingers cared for any justice, they would had delivered it long ago; instead of aimlesly masturbating in public, accusing everyone for everything, and provoking sentiments. But they couldn’t possibly hold accountable their employers and themselves or to otherwise name who has done what, and ask for compensation.

If you wish to help, know and point out the truth, or at least something closer to truth than what those who have a monopoly over information pound. Don’t give your money to tourism and other business whose owners probably don’t even live in Greece, anymore; hoping that tax money will go anywhere else than to other crooks, thinking you will help people like me. You’d only contribute to perpetuate a facade like that, as we don’t live off the foolishness and consequent struggle of others.

I don’t ask for any mercy nor do I point the finger to millions of people I don’t know, for I haven’t done anything to be guilty of. Actually, I have worked much more than the money I have received. I don’t ask for solidarity and sympathy either, as I don’t go through any vasanas. Those who are tortured (vasana=tortures, in Greek) by a need to hide and create all this theatrical play, might need it. So, go give them a hug if you want, so they will no longer need to.

Moreover, nobody is legitimately entitled by myself to speak on my behalf, in my defense, nor the opposite. Nope, those guys I mentioned above grant those rights to themselves, by themselves, and have fun with it. Then, other hungry-for-blame people like to repeat what they’ve read, and stubbornly insist on the worst of that, as it is obviously relieving to think and let others know that there’s somebody even worse than themselves.


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