Voluntaryism/Dealing with social ‘evil’

VoluntaryiMost mainstream as well as less mainstream politics focus on either involuntary industrial capitalism, or involuntary socialism.

Their main difference is how they intend to distribute coins, and even that rarely -if ever- changes significantly. And one says it is the only alternative to the other.

They both share a dirty secret: They -more or less- don’t give a shit about an individual’s own will. That is not included in their doctrine. And they both try hard to keep that hidden, by either demonasing individual will, or giving delusions that individual is supported (as well as the opposite) through authority-driven pseudofreedom and pseudopositivity, by tricking, lying and betraying and trying to overshadow those who would like to offer the real thing.

Like in the case of fascism, they’re both based on theories that me and you are evil, and unless we’re forced, we will do evil, or do (offer) nothing at all to the rest. Apparently, that (evil) doesn’t apply to those who organize that party, (as well as to their dogs) and attempt to patronise and live off the good-will of others, by offering practically nothing useful, by trying hard to create conditions where it appears that they are mandatorily needed; like in the case of war where one gets convinced he needs weapons.

The main difference between them and fascism is that fascism displayed more obvious enforcement, while they mostly rely on lighter propaganda or other forms of mind-control. They create intenal conflict inside individuals, turn them against each other and against themselves, weaken them, terrify them, convince them they are wrong, and make them seek refuge in the perpetrator’s caring embrace, so they’ll get some more. Thus the increasing occurances/diagnoses of mental illnesses, and the intolerance to force (other’s as well as their own), that can get greater than in the case of fascism.

All that, to hide a dirty, little secret. It’s not worthy.

A very important aspect of this whole scene that they would try hard to hide is that each one has indeed choices over his experiences. It’s his trying hard to resolve problems posed by them that makes one think he doesn’t. Like if you spent your whole day playing a video game you would have time, nor would you even be aware there could be something else you could do. Understand, if we didn’t have choices, if they were almight -like some claim- I couldn’t even write this article now. It’s part of the delusions they try hard to create that evil is almighty and one has to be subjected to it. It’s their intention to draw attention, and it is part of their lousy rhetorics that one ought to sit and solve their problems, that they’ll never stop making.

In truth they are quite lame, but they know some good tricks that most fall for. But they need the other’s agreement. And if they spoke any truth, I wouldn’t need to point out anything either.

The best solution I know is -instead of trying to oppose them and waste energy, time, attention in something that wont work out (I’ve mentioned before why)- to actually create, enhance what is useful, what we want, like, and to be bright enough to not fall into traps like that. It’s great to acknowledge that a trap is a trap, but if you get inside and fight a pit with pointy sticks, you’ll get all wounded, trapped and even dead. Those sticks are meant to pierce through you, obviously. You just have no business there, and just like you would want your freedom, they have the right to play their own silly games too, otherwise they wouldn’t.

Try to take that away from them, and you’ll fall on your face too, like they do. Unlike them, you shouldn’t try to persuade, force another to understand, make another think he has a problem that he doesn’t; for them are not true but are based upon miscommunication (communication of untrue things), and exist for those who participate in that, for as long and as much as they do it. And unfortunately, as political and other factions fight each other, that’s what they do, and they becomes victims of each other, it seems; while they actually become victims of themselves.

There might be occassions where it seem that somebody doesn’t intend to let you be. But if you can let that be thoroughly, if you grant it it’s freedom, you’ll grant it to yourself too.


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