‘Don’t listen’

Despite what most religions and political or other movements say, each one of us is -right now- more than capable of determining himself and his life.

I have talked about this before, how it is complete nonsense to assert that omnipotent, omnipresent God is incapable to control his creations and thus needs self-proclaimed messengers, privileged mortal beings, to do that for him. And also how it is nonsense to assert that democracy is the rule of the majority while the majority’s mind is controlled by few.

The race is between the environment, the group and the individual. And no, I don’t mean anything selfish by saying ‘individual’. For you see, unlike them good people, who do the best for the majority, I don’t consider individuals evil, which justifies their being manipulated.

This is a race between those who lust for power, and the rest who can let things be.

And unless you wish to wind up a robot or a broken robot, joining one master against another, you’d better make up your mind to not listen to any one of them, for your capacity to know is also inherent in you.

If you don’t acknowledge that capacity of yours, it is because you try to know and you try to control through other things that have been offered to you, for the purpose to control you. You went for one thing, and you got the opposite. And you probably try to resolve that by trying to gain some more ‘knowledge’ (other people’s opinions), and although that still doesn’t work, you try even harder.

If you could view through your own perspective for a moment, all that BS ‘knowledge’ that has been fed to you would vanish, for they are not your own thoughts, even though you use them as such. And you would experience great relief –much greater than any group could offer to you, and your capacity to control your life would increase in a similar manner.

You’re probably so certain there are so many problems, although you haven’t witnessed any yourself. ‘You say well everybody says so, so it must be so’. Yeah, and where do those ‘everybody’s take that knowledge from? From few sources. And certainly not from themselves.

Idiocy can be convincing and  contaminating. And who prevails when it comes to crowds are those who make the most noise than all –that is to say, the most convincing of all. One is much more liable to respond (react) to alarming news, to hypocritical coolness than to anything reasonable. An honest person wouldn’t need to convince, you see.

So, maybe take this advice, like I have as well, and start becoming your own master again. You have never really been anything else. It’s all been pretense.


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