The end of the Greek press

As you’ve probably heard Greece has been going through some rough time, politically. Most of the press and politicians have been telling us that it’s because of those loans that the state had taken, that now struggles to pay back, while apparently the USA owes a few trillions too, but is no such fuzz is being made.

You  should know whether you have a pro- or anti- opinion with regards to that, it doesn’t matter to me. I had been nearly hostile against the state and some other things for way longer than the foreign press has been. Call me bad, but that’s how it was. I have no sense of patriotism. And specially now that anyone can come and live/open business here, or leave from here, I don’t know what ‘Greece’ mean others than a geographical region. So, I don’t know who I’d support if I supported ‘Greece’, the rocks? In any case, I wish it (whatever it is) to be well.

The difference between myself and the press (local and foreign) is that I had personal reasons (experiences) to be upset, while the local press was actually part of those reasons. And the reasons for Greece’s condition that the press -most local and foreign- talks about, has nothing to do with any truth, whatsoever.

The local press has been mostly busy accusing vague targets about vague things that mean about nothing, creating an atmosphere of complain, misery and hostility between political and other factions within the country, and -even worse- against others countries too. And the foreign press -aside from some few- refers to ‘Greece’ as if it was some big soup, or some communal farm wherein everybody sinned and everybody profited from that sin (I’m still waiting for my share of that profit, just so you know).

That ‘press’ has served in covering specific individuals who have done things… and to put the blame on vague groups or even on everybody uniformly. Actually, that’s typical of most of the press. I find their rhetorics quite emetic, and I’m glad to tell you that after all that, a miracle occurred. The majority of the local people became aware of the fact that the press had been fooling them, all along. It’s unfortunate they had to go through all that to realize the deception; but even so, it’s better than nothing. Newspapers only sell a small fragment of what they used to, and less and less watch TV news too.

Most have turned to the internet for information, which is not necessarily a good nor a bad thing, for the same kinds of people that used to sell newspapers might as well spawn a few ‘alternative news’ websites, as well. However, the internet does give a chance to people to share their own thoughts, instead of passively reading and then repeating news among each other. It is just a chance, as repetition still exists. But it’s progress nevertheless. And it keeps becoming better and better. And what do you know. Maybe in a few years we’ll actually get to have something like a democracy, after all.


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