How to be right

How to be right: Before you say/type anything, make sure it is in compliance with the standards for properness set by: Your boss or your customer’s tolerance level (if you’re at work), the CIA or (former) KGB (depending on your location), your local schooling, your local dominant religion, those who define what mental health is, the political parties those you address belong to, anything that in the name of freedom censors free speech, anything that vaguely resembles something else that has bad reputation, anything that doesn’t make people jump from their couch up to the ceiling, anything that would harm some righteous idiot’s wallet/agenda. Above all, make sure it doesn’t even vaguely resemble/remind others of the shit they’ve done themselves, as then you’ll get marked for ‘character kill’ or something.
In most of the cases, when you speak in public, nobody gives a shit whether you talk shit or truth (truth according to you aka ‘own opinion’), what matters is to talk ‘right’ or ‘correct’ so as to agree with the rest (actually with what the above have indocrinated them into), and to be a happy family, as apparently there are intentions (coming from the ones mentioned above) for truth to be hidden, and for bullshit to circulate, instead. The free people will want to fuck you up, if you say anything else (in rare cases, you can secretly think of it). My dog would have higher tolerance than that, and wouldn’t get upset if I argued with him. Which makes me wonder, what are discussion for? Why not quit the hypocrisy, get ahold of all those righteous books, newspapers etc and honestly preach them instead of pretending to have some ‘own opinion’? The problem with that would be, if those who unknowingly preached knew that they were preaching (and even better, what) they’d quit it. Ideas that  impose themselves, that demand one’s surrender are not one’s opinions, they are supposedly ‘reality’, and they consequently inherit the forceful quality of reality (how reality imposes itself) too.

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