Perhaps there are many definitions for the word ego out there, some of which are sort of vague. I think the first who invented the word was Freud, or at least it became popular because of him. Later on other psychologists and spiritualy involved people redefined it.

It can get absurd when two argue with each other, one pointing out to the other that he/she is exhibiting his/her ego. Whenever one is trying to win against another there is ego involved –in that case too. Ego is not necessarily somebody who tries to be great. Ego is an assumed identity (or a mix of many) –something that one is really not, but he convinces himself and others he is that, and yes, might as well try to put his ego above the ego of others too. And a tragic consequence of lying can be that you wind up believing your own lies, yourself.

That is my definition. I don’t use Freud’s definition, for that is not identical to how others use it, who among each other don’t always use it the same way either. Moreoever, Freud assumed the basic self is the body, while myself and others don’t.

‘What’ that ego is for each person individualy is not something I can define precisely for each one individualy. One can know by/for himself, if he has any.

‘Spyros’ is a name that was given to me. It is short for some christian saint’s name. That along with my body’s physical charasteristics and character that I exhibit from time to time, are not what I am, but are nevertheless my creations. I am basically that which operates that whole thing, and through it I perceive and create things in life, and if I’m bad off I also think through (as it) it as well. But I can also be and do all that without it, and you can too.

One thought on “Ego

  1. For me ego is merely an identity related to one aspect of my being. In this I think we agree for the most part. Ego is not “good” or “bad,” but merely what it is. There are other words that describe how we express that ego, and place judgment for that, like pride, conceit, self-effacement, etc…

    Still, in order to function in this world of matter and multiple beings, I believe I need that sense of identity, for it allows me to operate independently…

    That’s just my take on the topic, in brief. 🙂 Interesting post, though!

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