Levels of truth

If I was to write the truth and only the truth, my texts would be quite brief, indeed. Or maybe they would be nothing.

When I describe reality, that is a different thing. Apparently, if I went to a person on the street and pointed out to him that he is not really his body, I would get strange reactions in most cases. So, when I describe reality I describe that mix of different perspectives among people, as I perceive them myself.

If I have knowledge of that, it doesn’t mean I know the truth about that. The truth would mean that those viewpoints would also know truth, as well.

Let’s get real: You can’t speak the truth about politics. You can only speak what people tell each other about it –politicians included. And you can get that a bit higher, a bit closer to truth, by pointing out something closer to truth than that. So then again you’ll be speaking a relative higher truth, not the whole truth. If I -for example- found that some politicians had a hidden agenda, that would be closer to truth -if they had one- and it would be closer to truth than to assume they didn’t have any. However, it still wouldn’t be true that anyone should be affected by it.

If you are a truth seeker and think you ought to suffer because somebody secretly wants you to, you don’t know whole truth; still it would be better than to think that guy does what he does out of caring for you, for then you would also play along his game he had set up for you.

The greatest conspiracy of all is that against oneself. Quit lying to yourself about what you are, what you cannot be, do, have and you will experience much greater freedom than one would hope to experience by handling what’s wrong that appears to be outside of him.

In high truth there is no excuse for anyone to point the finger, but in doing so he will likely become affected by what he points that finger at. Why, he will need to create reasons for himself so as to have reasons to blame and to complain. How free is that? In fact the being is free, and it appear to becomes un-free by it’s own doing. That cycle needs to finish some time, if one wishes so, that is. There can be truly better things to occupy ourselves with, realities to make, things to experience. And to have a sovereign world we also need sovereign individuals, and to expect from others to be good, is anything but that.

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