How to get rich (without fraud)

I bet you’ve read such corny titles before, telling you how to get rich or lose weight with the snap of a finger. Those who know me also know I don’t write such stuff.

By bashing at unethical business I might have given the impression that I am against wealth, or maybe a communist to those who think that the only alternative to unethical business is that. Apparently, that’s what we get told.

The truth of the matter is many capitalists adhere to a religion whose leader told them that poverty is the way to reach heaven. He spoke of sharing, equality, living without posessing many material things and so on. So, I don’t know what they have against communism, since they are that themselves. And visa versa I don’t understand what communists have against Jesus who -to a great degree- preached their dogma.

I don’t like to classify people. But if I really had to I’d classify them as honest and dishonest ones. To be clear myself, I don’t have anything against wealth. I don’t think that some few should have wealth and most should not, nor that nobody -aside from some statesmen- should have wealth. For me the optimum would be for all to be wealthy, so they wouldn’t be driven back lack of wealth either.

Wealth, coins, money was originally meant to be a means of exchange; and that’s what it is still supposed to be. Whether it’s a good or bad way, whether there is corruption or not, is beside the point.

What does that ‘exchange’ mean? It means you offer something and you get something back, in return. And if you demand to take something without offering anything back, or without offering something equivalend back, that’s not very fair of you, no matter who you are. It doesn’t matter whether you are some super-rich employer or a beggar on the street. If you for example offer nothing, but you have 10 guys working producing goods, and you keep 80% and give them workers 10% and 10% more to the state as taxes, that makes you a thief. It also makes the state a lesser thief, unless it does offer something to those peoploe, equivalent to that 10% they have paid for. A thief would also be a poor guy who would force another to give him money, by any means. Why, in both cases those guys don’t offer anything, but demand to get something back.

Of course, there can also be such a thing as charity, to offer something without exchange, but that is voluntary. When it is forced, it is called theft. However, theft becomes very relative within a system that operates based on theft –when there is much corruption, that is.

There are two things that you don’t get taught, and there are solid reasons for that. One is that more work does not equal more wealth. Actually, what matters is to offer something (good, useful), not to work hard for it. Actually, the more you do something against your free will, the more you go against your sense of ethics, the more you need to struggle –you struggle against yourself. Number two is that if you offer junk, junk you shall receive. If -for example- you work for some company makes ham, and that ham is unhealthy, don’t expect to get rich by working for that company. You can protest and demand your rights as much as you want. You’re not getting rich because you don’t offer much. And if what you offer is more harmful than beneficial, you might even find yourself in trouble. That you work for that company and that you are not the legal owner of it, is no excuse either. You’re an active member of that group. Even if myself, yourself, your boss, your money-hungry partner excused you, you still wouldn’t do well; and then you’d wonder why…

It is not by good or bad luck that some mega-business collapse, and that their employees barely manage to survive. It is not by luck that this happens to whole countries -from time to time- either. Although it might not be obvious, there is such a thing as justice. And one whose survival depends upon the suffering of others, will not do well. Yes, some manage to engage into that and remain wealthy for a while or even untill death. But their lives are a mess, by means that are not obvious, as they somehow manage to hide it, and project something else. Moreover, no matter how they want to give that impression, nobody is nor has ever been depended on such people.

If you want to be rich, offer riches. That’s how to succeed financialy. And that’s how to be happy about what you give and what you get. The recipe is simple: Find out what is needed and offer it. The more you offer, and the higher quality it is, the more beneficial it is, the more you’ll get back.

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