How groups become enslaved

Hello, here I am again with another dark topic, hoping to bring about some light.

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed fanaticism and dumbness in many or most cases that people gather together to achieve something.

I think a group is that –two or more persons, animals, anything who have a common purpose and co-operate to achieve it. That purpose could be anything, even to just have some good time together. Two friends, a party, a religion, a corporation make what is called a group.

I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with groups, I think they can be wonderful. Apparently, they can also be horrible.

Although it’s pretty pop to accuse bad monarchs and oligarchs for the demise of groups, another factor is often overlooked –collectivism. Apparently, collectivism is deemed by some to be the only alternative to monarchy and oligarchy, and so our social problems are never resolved.

In most cases, groups contain all of those three elements (monarchy, oligarchy, collectivism).

Whenever there is dishonesty in a group, whenever the group is not true to it’s purposes, the group tries to be held together by constantly reaffirming each other about the righteousness of the group. And what do you know, that also means that whomever disagrees gets in a bad position.

I think we all know that guy or those guys in school who are a little different, in one way or another. Maybe they dress, or think, or express themselves differently. Maybe they don’t have fun the way others do, or something else. So what do the rest do about that? Attack.

School is meant to educate people, but it doesn’t do that. It isn’t true to it’s purposes. What is education? I take the knowledge needed to do better in life, and benefit the rest as well. Is this what is done?…So, it’s members become dumb and fanatic. Some play along with that more, and some others less. And by the standards of that group only, whomever is not aligned with it, is considered to be generally wrong, bad, dumb etc and he might as well eventually believe it, if he has also believed ideas like more people=more righteousness.

Groups have that weapon you see —agreement. They can agree with each other, and reaffirm each other’s convictions no matter how dumb what they reaffirm each other about is. And the more dihonest a group is, the more firm and constant that reaffirmation has to be, to keep dishonesty hidden. Eventually, one of it’s purposes becomes to crash individuality and substitute it with group-agreements.

States that were seriously dishonest to their people, implemented harsh police as well as brainwashing to enforce those group agreements. While Nazi Germany was using more direct force (fear, pain etc) the Soviet Union was using electric shocks and other psychiatric gimmicks, in the name of helping the ‘insane’ who did not agree to be good comrades, get well again, and become ‘sane’. And even now, in various places, that notion is still propagated and often believed –that one who does to fit in the social group, is not ‘normal’.

That’s what you’re going to get yourself into if you seek the affirmation of the group, if that group is not honest.

I am what I am, and I offer what I genuinely wish to offer. And if I offer affinity it will not be some plastic, fake one, like those in the media world mostly offer.

It is not needed to crash individuality to have a good, fuctioning, happy group. That is only needed when you wish to have an ant-nest, to work for you, fight your wars, destroy disagreements. On the contrary, groups that allow individuality rise along with their individuals. The self determination of a group is analogous to the self determination that it allows among it’s individual members.

Scientific inventions and other useful things that groups enjoy were made by individuals, not by collective agreements. For the dishonest collective nothing new, nothing different should ever exist.


4 thoughts on “How groups become enslaved

  1. Hmm… I wasn’t finished yet, techno-demons!! Grr…

    As I was saying… an unfortunate necessity of living in close quarters with one another. Do I approve of how it’s done? Absolutely not! But then I was always one of those fringe people… lol!

    I like what you say about a group that celebrates its individuals and their uniqueness rises along with those individuals. That is a goal worth pursuing! But it would necessarily be made of enlightened, socially balanced, non-needy individuals. Do enough of those now exist to form such a group? It would make for an awesome social experiment… 🙂

    1. I used to feel like I was an inside trying hard to escape and become an outsider. Now I’m more of an outsider still occupied with the insiders 😛

      You asked whether such people exist. I think you and I would both know, if we could imagine a world without exterior influences, like those of groups. Then we would also have people closer to their own nature.

      1. Yes, you are right, of course. 🙂

        You know, you remind me of an epiphany I once had. I was watching a group of people sitting around a fire, while I sat some distance away discussing those people with a friend. I was bemoaning the fact that they were so obsessed with that tiny pool of firelight, that they had blinded themselves to the wealth of darkness surrounding them; for there in the circle, staring at the fire, they could not see or appreciate the play of shadows in the night, or the stars in the heavens…

        It was then that it occurred to me that I was sitting in the darkness I cherished staring at them and their light! Lol…

        I don’t know, but I remember wondering if we ever truly “learn” anything?… 😉

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