How to be loved

This could go together with the ‘how to get rich’ corny topic. The logic behind it is more or less the same.

Perhaps you have encountered many people that complain about other’s hateful or otherwise bad attitude, but what about themselves?

When it comes to couples, those who look for a long term or even marriage, often also look for the perfect partner, in terms of being understood, loved, being offered things (except those who ask for tax reports). But what about themselves?

I mean who intends to offer anything analogous to what he or she asks for?

The most certain way to be loved is to love. And the most certain way to not be loved is to ask for or even demand it.

It isn’t true that the loving ones becomes victimized. The naive ones could. But do you think you’d truly love someone who’d want to victimise you, even if you ‘didn’t know’ it?

One who asks for love as well as for other good things like freedom, but offers/allows none, is not any loving person, but is on the road to become a dictator.

Most often most people -if not all- respond to love with love.


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