Letting everything free is controlling everything

Yes, I understand what the title might seem absurd to many. But it’s true for me.

By ‘control’ here it is not mean anything like ‘to exercise restraining order’ like some dictionaries define. To control is to stop, but not just that. It is starting (creating) too, and it is continuity as well.

If we look at each other and see something separate from our basic being, then we can also play games wherein when one wins the other loses, wherein when on controls the other gets controlled, but that’s how it appears to be, not how it is.

Exterior control, from one to the other, from the environment to a person is exterior control against the one who does it too. In truth, there is no such thing as ‘exterior’ at all.

We are all meant to control ourselves, and our basic being that is not A being, an individual but is all individuals, controls all.

If you try to control another, it wont work out. One can temporarily force it (if the other allows it) but it will eventually work against him. Sooner or later he will not be able to do it anymore, for what he forces is himself. It is a ‘sin’ that one actually uses against himself and loses his awareness that he is -in truth- in control of everything. Losing, failing is a delusion based on that lack of awareness. Imagine controlling something, then trying -over that- to control it towards another direction. That’s how one wins or loses against himself.

In a life wherein one tries to control another, win against the other, we all appear to lose –at least those who participate in that.


3 thoughts on “Letting everything free is controlling everything

  1. Interesting perspective, Spyros. I can easily slip this onto my own framework of One and Other to see how it works. But I need time to ponder the implications. I may get back to you on this… 🙂

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