Being made wrong and endless thinking

What and who is wrong? How do you evaluate whether something is wrong?

Among people who wish to profit by going towards some direction, the one who doesn’t go to that direction would be wrong, for them. But would that make him objectively wrong? Would that mean he or she is -in truth- wrong?

Among people who antagonize each other, each other is wrong. But who is objectively wrong? Who is entitled -and by whom or what- to objectively tell?

After having been made wrong, after having made others wrong, and so on, one is liable to fall into an endless cycle of thinking trying to figure out what is wrong with himself, as well as with others; which will be accompanied by repsective emotions. That cycle will be endless as he’ll never find anything with any certainty, as there wont be anything to find.

You see it wont be his ‘genes’ that will be making him do that. It will be himself, with the help of others. But to put the blame on his genes or anything like that will be a neat way to make him ‘legitimately’ wrong, and -since those things are not supposed to get resolved- also ‘forever’.

That happens when one or more person don’t allow each other to be self determined. When one thinks that his interests, will, profit etc are supposed to be complied by others.

In lack of self determination you get war and/or suppression.

One doesn’t have to play along that game, nor to hide if he doesn’t want to play. One only needs to not bite the bait of making wrong. For when one makes another wrong, he will also feel it upon himself, and will fall into the same trip as well, and he will have others do it to him too, and so on.

If you want to tell something, and speak the truth to someone who says you are a #@%$^##^@, you  can show the obvious fact ‘that’s what you just said’, instead of tripping endlessly trying to figure it out. What one thinks about another is his own thoughts, not the others. So, you can simply show that (the truth) to him.

Of course, it’s not usual to speak like that, but if maybe later on, being civilizaed  and honest becomes more mainstream, that will become more mainstream too.


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