Reaching the spiritual unreachable

I have encountered the idea a few times that we are in some state and we are supposed to transcend that state to reach another that is supposed to be good, or better or optimum.

I really really disagree with that. Whenever I ‘gain’ anything of value is when I no longer reach anything other than what I already am. Whenever I learn anything more true, I know that ‘I always knew that’. Essentially, I don’t learn anything new, in seeking truth. And that is how I distinguish ‘truth’ from other knowledge. Truth is my own. I don’t need to believe anything, I don’t even need to look at anything. I just know it.

It isn’t true that we start from a lowly point and rise to a higher. The opposite is true. We start from the absolute and adopt less true viewpoints and knowledge (well, those that do that). That absolute is -right now- the basic being of all beings, whether they are aware of it or not. So, it is that awareness that can change, not the being itself.

I’m clarifying that as I have noticed that some imagine some super-complex things, in their attempt to become something they are not, and sometimes even scary things –and I have done that myself, as well, and it’s been relieving to discard all that. There is nothing scary, sad, apathetic or otherwise bad in being oneself. That’s what one is already. And when one realizes and discards that which ‘he’ thought he was being, he also feels relieved about it and of course, that which is closer to ‘him’self, to truth also feels more familiar. It is lies one is supposed to discard, and not to try to reach further lies.

And a teacher is not really needed to help one become anything. But perhaps one could point out some lies and truths so the student can realize the rest by and for himself, if he so wants.

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