Logic 2

There are levels of thinking above logic, and others below it.

Below is a level of thinking that tries hard but cannot be logical. Above is a level that can be logical but doesn’t have to. An artist -for example- doesn’t have to make any sense. He want to create something beautiful, it doesn’t have to mean anything, to have any connection to anything.

The difference between ‘below’ and ‘above’ is potential –limited or unlimited potential to think in this instance.

A person who thinks with rumors, vague generalities, and other convictions and information he doesn’t himself experience –sort of tries to be logical but isn’t. He thinks with borrowed information that he considers true, because of reasons… But he will make complete sense to others of his own level of thinking, even if none of them really knows what is being communicated.

Even lower, he even makes the analysis that others have made with that information; so he doesn’t even analyze for him/herself. He can sound completely logical, but isn’t his logic. It’s all copy/pasted.

An obviously illogical person (or illogical about a specific subject) who compulsively tries to figure things out, but doesn’t quite make it, so he runs around in circles endlessly, resembles a person who can be logical but doesn’t have to to be, nor does he have to think with the information that are considered ‘normal’. That is to say, with commonly thought yet not experienced on a personal level ‘facts’.

Both are misunderstood and are seen by the self proclaimed authorities of ‘normality’ as abnormal, sometimes deliberately. Because all are supposed to think and consequently act along predictable paths, according to them. The main measurement of normality is how much one is aligned with a claimed archetype that all ought be like, which archetype varies from place to place and from time to time. Normality is mostly not related to capacity to be logical, although that archetype is currently a robotic one, indeed.

The ones who become obsessed with logic, are the ones who don’t quite make it, or the ones who by far don’t make it. So, they try to make it, even by criticizing others claimed incapacity to make it. ‘Can’t’s and obsessions go together. One gets stuck by his thought inability to attain something.

A free thinking person cannot be predicted, as his thought is not necessarily the product of thoughts he has observed/received, of the past, of the environment. He doesn’t have to copy/paste them, nor to be driven to logical conclusions with them. So, if he really spoke his thoughts, he wouldn’t necessarily make sense to others who thought like that. He could make sense to them. But he can also create new thoughts, imagine thinks that others no longer allow themselves to. That is creative thought, a sort of thought that has been equated with insane thought, as it can equally be non sequitur and unpredictable.

Anything new is illogical, non sequitur. Any genuine new creation is. With no past, there can’t be any logical sequence. Limit your capacity to think creatively, to make new thoughts, and you lose your capacity to create your life, independent from the environment, from the past, towards a desirable direction.


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