Make sense out of this

I have worked the same work -though in different places- for a total of 6 years. And until yesterday I had been given a total of 10-15 euros in tips. It’s near zero. I hadn’t been considering tips to be part of my job.

Yesterday a very nice person I really liked was in urgent need. So, I gladly lent that person 50 euros, which is a respectable amount for Greek standards. You’d make 50 in 1-2 days of work, with a basic salary. And I hardly even ‘knew’ that person -by ‘normal’ standards- being a backpacker and all. My standards are a different story.

Within the next couple of hours I added 5 more euros to my total tips, coming by two different persons, one of which didn’t even stay there. He sort of came in, stayed for a short while, tipped me and left.

Sure, those aren’t any great numbers. It’s the events I’m pointing out.


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