Customer gets no apology

A customer fell from from the stairs while using it as a slide, and nobody apologized, despite his blaming and complaining to the cashier about the dim lighting and slippery floor.

He was later on heard mumbling “I paid for this…” to himself.

“The staff are rude and worthless.” he wrote, in a review of the business.


3 thoughts on “Customer gets no apology

  1. Working retail, I know the customer is NOT always right, and I genuinely wish buisinesses would stop supporting their delusion that they are. It helps no one.

    The customer begins to believe that if an exchange of monies occurs, they can do no wrong; therefore, they escape accountability for their behavior…

    The business suffers the consequences of validating that self-delusion, whether it be in the form of lost product or lost profits, not to mention employee morale…

    And society suffers the delusion that corruption is an acceptable transaction…

    No apology earned or deserved in this scenario!

    1. Exactly. It’s sad some business owners resort to butt kissing to ensure higher income –they don’t, in the long run. I would had kicked out many from this hostel, if it was my own business, or at least told them ‘nobody forces to be here’. Some really act like they do you a favor, like they get back nothing in return for the money they pay.

      That scenario was imaginary. But I’ve experienced many similar ones.

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