The victim

Apparently, for some, there is some sort of pride connected being a victim. Like “I was right, he was wrong all along”. And some others, due to their sense of justice, get stuck in being a victim to point out an unfair condition and a perpetrator. But despite the reasons, that’s a pit they dig and fall in themselves. If you do that to yourself because somebody wants you to (and some might actually want you to), at least be aware how you agree to throw your freedom and well being in the trash like that to please that guy. Some might treat you unfairly, or point out to you that you are treated unfairly, just to trigger that in you.

In most cases, the only reason why somebody wouldn’t believe it if you told him that he is somebody’s victim, is that he already believed he is another’s victim, by having been told so, by somebody else.

And of course, nobody thinks he could ever a victim of the guy who calls him another’s victim, right? The logic is ‘he points the finger, thus he is with me’, right? Well, if you ever get down to the bottom of a problematic condition among people you might find the opposite –that the finger pointer (and not the direction he points at) is the one who wishes to victimize.

Finger-pointing can act as a distraction, a smoke screen from what really goes on. And most tend to buy that, they do get distracted and fight against irrelevant people, and never handle the reason they fight and why they believe themselves to be victims. On the contrary, as they fight and disconnect, they perpetuate it.

If somebody wishes to sneakily control you, he will turn you against others; be sure about that. Dishonest people impose their order upon chaos. Dictators and police and false healers always come after chaos. They need it, so they will be needed. They need the problem so they will offer their solution.

Nobody’s life improves by thinking to himself -or even by discussing with others- that he is a victim. On the contrary the assignment of blame on others worsens conditions, even if one hopes to achieve something by doing so. Actual change towards improvement would easily occur by one knowing how he causes, allows, agrees with what occurs to him to occur at all. For then would also be in control of that, without needing to claim it from others.

I don’t suggest the other extreme of becoming a victim while making oneself oblivious to that, either. That could happen in a effort to appear ‘positive’ or other things like that, but that doesn’t resolve anything, either.

Responsibility resolves it –personal responsibility. Unfortunately, the term has come to mean ‘blame’, while it doesn’t necessarily mean that. It means to know what you make happen. It is the way out of suffering. Oblivion is not that. Oblivion is to shut your eyes so you will suffer less. And conditions worsen by that, as well.

Those people who are usually mean to others while they demand from others to always be nice, and feel victimized whenever another grins at them, will need to try harder to ever assume any responsibility about what happens to them. They will always blame others. They can’t possibly conceive any other sort of responsibility than blame or guilts. Those are the only two alternatives for them, as that’s what they’re occupied with all the time. But they wont get any medals of honor because of that, I ensure you. And in a world where nobody is ever aware of what he makes happen, but always blames others, there will only be misery.

For that reason I expect what I write in here to be understood and to appeal to some more and to others less. Some are just too busy blaming others to ever change anything about themselves. But those are their own chains, and the rest don’t need to have any.


3 thoughts on “The victim

  1. Well said, Spyros! Having had this discussion with many, many people, I find your observations to be spot on and true. The only difference between now and then is the vague and ephemeral hope that perhaps there are more people today who are ready, willing and able to hear this message… 🙂

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