The importance of being conscious

I see that ‘being cosncious’ has been hyped a little bit lately. Like with other good things, some just take any good concept and twist it to suit their own purposes. I’m not reffering to those who do it by mistake, but on purpose. So then I also have to say ‘it isn’t like this, it is like that’, before I actually write what I want to write.

Conscious simply means to be in a state of perceiving, and it means nothing more. It doesn’t mean to support any idea, ideology, religion or anything of that sort. But I see most people, outside of the field of spirituality, say that ‘conscious’ means to entertain some ideas that they entertain too. So, I thought I should clarify that.

Of course, ‘concious’ wouldn’t be clear enough, if I didn’t also clarify what is being conscious. As you might know, since many other talk about and analyze the human being, I talk about the spirit, which is a dinstict consciousness, separate from the body. The body perceiveis through it’s perceptic channels (sight, tactile etc). The spirit doesn’t need such channels to perceive. However, many spirit is very convinced they are the body, so they never bother perceive as themselves, at all.

The body also has it’s own needs, impulses in life (eat, sleep etc), while those might not necessarily coincide with the spirit’s interests.

Although I have written about this before, there is a special reason why I do that again now. That reason is self determination as opposed by a state of being a reactive sort of a robot, stimulated and driven by the environment. Understand that this can’t happen to a spirit, although it could happen to the body.

If I’m not mistaken, last time I checked, psychologists asserted that ‘own will’, self determination are not true, as humans as indeed always driven by the environment. Of course, psychologists, despite the origin of the name psyche, that in Greek means soul, study the body and it’s reactions, not any spirits. And since they have long abandoned that subject -if they were ever into it, at all- others have to do it, instead. I don’t mean to antagonize them, you see. I just refer to different things. The only problem there can be is that due to their making the term ‘science’ equal to ‘religion’ (actually one religion instead of many) they are unable to tolerate any viewpoint different than theirs. Actually, since there are many religions in the world, democracy and liberty is now more connected to them, than to some who seek authority through ‘science’.

The study of actions and reaction don’t apply to the spirit. The spirit is and will forever be self determined. The question is whether in a human being the spirit is awake (conscious) or not, and how much. For if it is not, that person is indeed an action/reaction driven person. He sees something, he thinks something accordingly and then acts accordingly. Self determination means that everything originates from inside and then it is manifested on what appears to be outside (actually, outside the body. The concepts of ‘inside’ and outside’ don’t apply to a spirit that has no mass, energy, position in space and time).

You can make an experiment: If you have a job, and you do it just for the money, and things don’t work out that well, you can try doing it as a spirit, as opposed to doing it as a body. The body, due to it’s needs, works to survive you see. But the spirit doesn’t need anything to survive. So, in practice the difference will be that the person who does something with it’s own will, which will originates from the spirit, and not from extrerior demands, will be actually doing willingly what others do forcefully –or in other words, will actually be doing it. OK, so if you provide a service -lets say you’re waiter- notice the difference between doing it ‘robotically’, and doing it willingly. Can you intend for something to happen and have it happen? Of course, everybody can. To pass that drink to that customer because you’re supposed to, and because you will it, are two different things. In one case the spirit is almost inactive, it passively, automatically drives the body. In the second case, the spirit wills it to happen. And what do you know, that brings about completely different results too! Odds are you’re going to get much much better responses by others too, by doing something willingly, than by forcing oneself to do it because of reasons.

An offering made due to being forced, and one made willingly are two different things. The first one is not an offering at all. And your success in life is very much related to how much that life is alligned with your will or not, regardless of your body.

In  truth, there is some allignment in life, things can be alligned to work out alright. But as we act against ourselves by denying what we truly are, we also act against each other, and then become victims, and seek to blame and so on.

Test it out. Try being aware as a spirit in your human life, and doing things with your own will, and things should start working out better.


One thought on “The importance of being conscious

  1. I love this, Spyros! I was just having this (or a similar) discussion with a co-worker yesterday. She claims she “hates” her job, has the entire time I’ve known her (about 15 years), but she never leaves it to do something else. Every time she considers another possibility, she finds reasons/excuses not to try…

    So, for the last few days, I’ve been trying to encourage her to re-define her statements about work, take control in a sense, by recognizing her “choice” in working there. Not sure it’s helping her much, but my attitude is certainly shifting, as I recognize that I WANT to be there, pain and all… lol!

    Thanks for sharing this, and reminding me of spirit’s role in consciousness… 🙂

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