What I do with normal mentality

Apparently, the ones who get very busy inventing wrong things about people are the most normal ones; the ones all ought to be like, the ones who need to pull others down to convince of some degenerated kind of pride about themselves. The ones who parrot the right, pop things, the ones who tolerate nothing new.

Billions of normal people decided one lifetime ago to kill each other, to make a bunch of smartasses kings of Earth. That’s where the normal mentality of that time lead to. I assume it was very uncool to not be like that back then, and others would criticize you, if not eat you alive.

I’m not such a sucker. I’m not normal. I’m not proud if I have ever been that. I don’t intend to be that. If I intend to do better, I don’t measure what’s ‘better’ by what others do, but what I’d like to. What others think about that, is a different story; and not like anything I’d be troubled about. As times passes, I become more and more what I’d like to, than what I’m supposed to. And that triggers reactions from some –some I wouldn’t want to be like. I don’t mind. I know what they think, and then I know what they show that they think, and what they convince themselves that they think. It’s nothing that I should feel bad about.


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