Communication the solver

I don’t think there is anything that honest communication cannot solve, but certainly the lack of it can be the beginning of endless problems.

If we all communicated our thoughts exactly as we thought them, we would sooner or later have a great life and a great Earth. This could be one of the best, most effective, easy and simple sort of meditations and psychotherapies and actually much more, we could ever have. What a pity, that so many would consequently run out of work.

But as you know, that wouldn’t be socially tolerable. Currently, society is held together by un- and mis- communicated truths and many more communicated untruths. And even if you perceive those truths, if you yourself don’t -in turn- communicate them, you are liable to become oblivious to those truths and believe others untruths, as well.

If two had problems among each other, and they both completely honestly communicated all their thoughts about each other, all their problems would sooner or later vanish as they would be doing that, and they would feel very relieved seeing all that trouble gone, and they would like each other too.

If you need to have problems among people, you need to mess up their communication somehow. You need to put rules “you should be polite to these people”, “you shouldn’t talk to those people”, “don’t talk about yourself to others”, “sex is shameful”, “the customer is always right” and many many other things like that, are common. Those rules are originally put by dishonest people, and then the rest are taught to adopt them. It is intentionally dishonest ones who don’t wish the truth communicated –those who have something to hide.

But for communication to work as a solver, there must be complete honesty, otherwise it can even be painful. Like I’ve written before, the truth resolves everything, and problems are composed lies. Similarly, you can assume that honest communication is a solver, while dishonest one a problem. When the truth gets block or altered, complications and convictions get created. And one can sit and think about them forever, and try to solve, while all it would take would be a mere word.


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