Connecting spiritual expectations with truth

As years pass I observe o phenomenon that might not sound original to you, at all: Materialistic-minded people are attracted to matter. Sure, that is logical and obvious. That’s why they are called materialistic, anyway. But it becomes kinda absurd when you also notice that in the field of spirituality.

The greater the palaces, the shinier symbols, the more the quantity of people and the range of the land, the more legit it is. That’s how I think that most think like. And of course they so about many other things.

In primal capitalism it was logical that one should produce something before he could acquire any wealth. He should grow that wheat and then sell it, and then possess greater or lesser wealth due to that. That was the logic. That was considered fair. But now the logic, according to popular belief, is the exact opposite. One should first possess wealth and then offer something. Yes. Because it is required that you possess matter before you can actually grow that wheat. No farm to grow wheat on, then no farming and no wheat.

And although both the primal and the modern are called ‘capitalism’ they are pretty much the opposite. And some values of the primal have survived until present day, and they have been mixed with other modern values, and the result is a confusing mess.

You see a guy with a nice, expensive car and based on that old logic you think ‘that must be a great person’. You assume he must be and offer something great to deserve that car, while that guy might actually be a drug lord or a corrupt statesman or something.

I’m not asserting that only dishonest people possess wealth, nor am I asserting that all poor people are honest. I’m only saying that matter is no indication what kind of a person that person is.

And similarly, in spirituality, it wouldn’t matter to me, if that person or group possessed anything at all, or even had any followers at all. Popularity is no indication to me either. What indicates to me better than matter is results.

You have a technique, and you wish to evaluate it. No matter how many fancy magazines advertise it, no matter how many people use it, no matter how many legitimate people recommend it, the final test of the results it brings about, is it’s results.

Moreover, what could work well for one, wouldn’t necessarily work well for another, as not all start from the same level. And also some things are easier to be understood by some and harder to be understood by others.

It is very logical to wish to evaluate something by it’s results. Thus, some of not that honest intentions also try to fake good results. That attitude of always appearing ‘positive’ no matter what… If your life is a mess, and you feel like that too, it is no good to draw a smile on your faces, to give impression of success, but it will serve your mentor in his keeping to falsely good reputation. If you fee like being happy, successful and show on, you don’t need to force it on yourself. You don’t need to give the impression you are that to others, and even more to yourself. And if someone was critical at you for not being that -trust me- it would be an indication he is much worse.


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