Thousands of years ago, a powerful spirit from a distant realm visited Earth.

He had heard about that tiny planet where bizarre things were happening, where most of inhabitants were deeply troubled, and he came determined to end the suffering and make people happy.

He spent some times observing how people were thinking and acting, quietly, in order to determine how he could help them best.

Among other things, what he saw was that people had dreams, goals that were unfulfilled; and that made them miserable, and that made them compromise and attempt to achieve things that they otherwise wouldn’t want, which in turn made them even more miserable and even hostile to each other, or worse.

If I could help them get what they want, this wouldn’t happen, he thought to himself. But why can’t they achieve what they really want? They are spirits, like me.

Determined to offer a solution, he decided give people back the power to make whatever they wanted happen.

He also figured that people would be scared of him knowing what he could do. So, he decided to forge and amulet that would allow whomever wore it to be able to make his wishes come true; and to use a man as a messenger to the rest of the people.

He carefully picked a person that he thought would be able to carry out the mission. And appeared in his sleep. He told him who he was and what he wanted, and explain to him what that amulet could do.

When he woke up the amulet was right beside him. In the beginning he felt a little spooked. But he decided to not let that chance pass him by. He wore the amulet and put it to test. He wishes for a piece of cheese and the cheese appeared right in front of him.

He hadn’t felt happier in his entire life. Oh the possibilities, what he could make happen. All his problems seemed gone. He spent hours contemplating that, until he decided to go tell others about it.

Alas nobody believed him. The man was being mocked and laughed at by his neighbors, as he was telling them exactly what had happened the previous night and what that amulet could do.

It’s not that I didn’t know that would happen, he thought to himself and started to head home. Suddenly, he had a thought -as if it was thought by another- to wish for them to believe him, and so he did. And the previously disbelieving neighbors gathered around him, and started to ask him to hand them over the amulet.

The crowd quickly became impatient and even angry as he was trying to explain to them that the amulet was meant to be owned by everyone, and that he was meant to make sure that this would happen, and that he shouldn’t allow anyone to keep it for himself.

One of them grabbed it from his hands as he was talking and run away. Quickly the rest run after him. He managed to put it on, and he disappeared.

Three days later, rumors were heard that an incredibly rich man in a nearby village, who had apparently managed to convince all the women of the village to become his wives, has been assassinated by one of them, in his sleep.

The spirit was watching it all from above, but didn’t want to interfere, for he wanted to see if and how his attempt could work out, with those crazy people.

Soon the land went in turmoil, as some people were fighting and backstabbing each other trying to get ahold of the amulet for themselves. The king got replaced a few times, and many people died, but no miracles occurred. No beautiful lands appeared, no food for all, no happiness, but the exact opposite.

The spirit decided he had seen enough, and made the amulet disappear. Now it all makes sense, he thought to himself. Why those people couldn’t make what they wanted happen in the first place, was quite obvious. The spirit inside them didn’t want to.

When they’re ready, they wont need any amulet anyway. How stupid I was. He thought as he headed back home.

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