I don’t really have any great interest in writing about this topic. I only do it to answer to some people, who obviously have greater interest than myself.

I’m neither for nor against the unification of all word countries into one. That could be done wonderfully or terribly. But I suspect that a reason why this unification is delaying is banks –loans in particular. If  a country owes money and it becomes one with another or others, that means that it no longer owes, as it no longer exist. And of course, no other country would like to inherit another country’s debt, either. Another reason is war and weapon sales, which is self-explanatory. There’s a lot of money involved in both banking and weapon sales. And another that some don’t want to lose their authority over ‘their’ population. And them are not governments, but the local establishments, the legal local mafias.

Also, a reason why Europe in particular is delaying from becoming one, is the same reason why somebody would want Russia or the USA to break into pieces –it’s mere divide and conquer. What is apparent is that as time passes, European countries go in conflict against each other, much than becoming unified. And one could assert that it’s because there are inherent differences among each other. However, what doesn’t cross anybody’s mind is that when 2 (or more) fight, the third one gets happy. The USA is composed of wider varieties of populations than Europe, and yet it is one.

While most are free to go live almost wherever he/she wants to, the existence of countries are absurd. They are meaningless geographical locations. No culture belongs to any country anymore, as people from various cultures can go live wherever they want to.

I personally say I’m Greek for the record. But I don’t feel like that. Maybe because I never identified with the average concept of ‘Greek’ the way others did, either. You know me, I’m not a person who enjoys to be influenced by presses and states. And I don’t have any reason to take pride for what Greeks did 2000 years ago, and the average present time Greek does something else. I find that sort of pride quite nonsensical. One should at least try to resemble what he is proud of. I’d tell those nationalists that those ancient people Greeks were not even Christians, for starters.

I get to meet people from various countries daily at work. And I must say that due to their average nice or not nice attitude towards me, I also have some relative respective preferences. But I only really feel ‘at home’ with like-minded people –people that think kinda like me, who have similar perspectives and goals. Those are my group, my ‘country’.

The Greeks… some might as well want me harmed. I don’t think they are ‘my people’ just because we’ll be living living here, for a few more decades. That and half my language is all we have in common.

Regardless of all that, I think eventually, most -if not all- of Europe will become one, and not only by itself. There will be a connection between Europe the USA and probably others too. You’ve already heard of that transatlantic trade agreement. There is going to be more…


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